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LisadeliveringbooksLisa heading out to make the first deliveries of the new book.

The 10th edition of the popular Know-it-all passport® guidebook is now hot off the press and being delivered to local shops near you!

Look out for the new shiny, hardback cover on the book shelves and see for yourself the wealth of new information that has been packed into this special anniversary edition of the book, targeting the English-speaking community of Geneva, Vaud and neighboring France.

With 780 pages and more than 50 chapters, the 10th edition includes 2 new chapters devoted to helping English-speaking residents integrate into this region.  COOK LIKE A LOCAL includes lots of interesting facts about local dishes and useful food-related expressions, whereas SPEAK LIKE A LOCAL clears up some of the confusion that can often occur over similar sounding words, and provides a number of handy phrases to help you appear more confident when talking to locals.  Not only will newcomers benefit from these new chapters, but those living in the area for years will certainly learn something new!

Asked why she decided to launch the new book in a shiny hardback cover, editor Lisa Cirieco-Ohlman told us, “The success of Know-it-all passport is due largely to the thousands of recommendations that I have received about local business and services over the past 17 years.  I wanted people to hold the book and see themselves in the solid mirror-like cover, and understand that it is their contributions that have inspired me to make Know-it-all passport® what it is today!”

KIAPcoverondesk10th edition of Know-it-all passport ® in the final stages of production.

First published in 1999, Know-it-all passport® has become THE reference book for anything you want to know from shopping, housing and education to recommended birthday party venues, places to eat, and night life! It includes pages of information about winter activities, where to go for public transport and much more. Maps of the area are a useful addition at the end of the book, as are the full index and two bookmarks attached by ribbons for easy referencing.  The chapter on OUTINGS AND TRIPS (54 pages) is a book within a book! You really won’t need anything else!

To understand just how much the book is appreciated by the local community, you just have to read a few of the comments that readers have sent to Lisa over the years about the book, its sister website, www.knowitall.ch, and Lisa’s weekly emails highlighting what to do and where to go in the region!

“I have followed "Know-it-all" for years and greatly appreciate the meticulous and mind boggling amount of work that goes into it. Know-it-all facilitated my life in Geneva and greatly contributed to the development of my family in many ways.”

kiap10 pileofbooks

“Many thanks for all you do - I have been in Geneva for several years now and Knowitall is still where I start for everything (we were given the book when we first arrived).”

“We can't thank you enough for the Know-it-all passport book and for your weekly list of things to do. Don't know what we would have done without you!”

“Your e-mail list is an incredible resource, got us involved in the local community, and helped us enjoy our time in Geneva.”

And it’s not just customers who appreciate the value of the book. The advertisers are extremely happy too. This is what one advertiser on the website wrote recently:

“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful business opportunities that your article has brought my way. To date I have worked and am still working with 3 outstanding readers of yours from Cologny to Pully, and a 4th potential client booked for January. All thanks to you! The feedback I am getting from my Knowitall clients has been extremely rewarding.”

KIAP 10 books

10 editions of Know-it-all passport®.

The 10th edition of Know-it-all passport is due to arrive on the bookshelves of local stores over the next few days. You can find the full list of suppliers by clicking here. Don’t forget that the book makes an ideal present to welcome new neighbors and friends in the region, not to mention the perfect gift for yourself. If you just want to have a quick browse through the book then your employer may also have a copy in their reception...providing someone hasn’t walked off with the copy before you! But once you start flicking through the pages, chances are you’ll want your own copy anyway!