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A few years ago, knowitall.ch published an article about The STEAM Room at this link. We couldn't resist doing another article as this online shop is offering a discount to knowitall.ch readers, see below!

As we are in a very unusual situation with kids' schools shut, parents tearing their hair out to keep up with stay-at-home schooling, then you will surely be relieved to get some new fun educational material delivered to your home. One item that caught knowitall.ch's attention is the one pictured above: Time Capsule! We think your kids might like to record this moment in their life. They can also add some newspaper clippings and photos to the box!

We asked Gina to let us know what her favorite, best-selling, award-winning items were and here is a nice list to get you started:

  • Kids First Robot Engineer (Auto, Aircraft and Boat also available) age 3+
  • Tiny Polka Dot maths game - ages 3-8
  • Anomia and Anomia kids - absolutely brilliant games for the whole family (Mensa Select Awards).
  • Code Hopper and Feed the Woozle super fun games for young children.
  • Guess it, Get it Gumballs - A game of faces and feelings
  • Bllöx
  • Alphabet Bingo
  • Top That!

The price range (not including the education sets which can be in the thousands) is from Fr. 12.- to Fr. 185.-. Products age range is from age 3 to adults; many different maths workbooks from beginning addition to adult logic perplexors. Families will enjoy the games that have multiple players. Boardgames are coming back in trend again and getting a hands on personal connection with others is an important bonding experience.

Gina explains what the logo for The STEAM Room stands for:
STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. The six different colored squares represent each of the categories — red for science, orange for technology, green for engineering, blue for arts, and purple for maths. On our web site, the toys and games are categorized:

  • Science, technology, engineering, maths
  • Language Development
  • Creativity
  • General Knowledge
  • Critical Thinking
  • Books
  • Classroom
  • Family Games


Gina imports from 8 different countries. Work with new designers, innovators and entrepreneurs from Switzerland’s own EPFL has been initiated as well.

Gina proudly told us, "I think what makes The STEAM Room different is our particular selection of products. What I am really selling is all of the time and research it took to make these choices. Many of the products were the brain child of brilliant innovators at places like Stanford University, MIT Media Lab others created by a mom or a dad. Most of these products are not available elsewhere in Switzerland for several reasons, costs being one of them. In any case, there are millions of toys and games out there and unless one knows what they are looking for it is not easy to make wise choices. No one wants to spend money on well, junk. I wanted to make it easy for parents and teachers to find excellent, award winning products for the best prices possible, offering value for money. You will see that several teachers have offered testimonials. We are now in about eighteen schools across Switzerland.

"For years now I have been working with the same web designer and technology consultant. I make sure that wherever possible we include videos for products so that one can see exactly what they are getting.  We are now in the process of finalizing our translations and the web site will soon be offered in French and German too. Also, whenever possible, we offer multilingual product instructions."

The STEAM Room: a Swiss based on-line shop

  • All toys, games and science kits in English
  • Multilingual products as well
  • Delivery by Swiss Post 
  • VAT included in all prices
  • FREE shipping over Fr. 75.-
  • Award winning products sourced from all over the world
  • Most not available elsewhere in Switzerland

discount button2Always keen to share her passion for innovative toys and games, Gina is kindly offering knowitall.ch readers 10% discount on all products ordered through her website before 30 April 2020

Just enter the code kiap20 when you make your order via the website. Don’t forget there is free delivery on all orders of Fr. 75.- and above!


The STEAM Room
Gina Noonan
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+41 79 757 84 80

NOTE: it is against our policy to put company logos in our articles but since we talk about the meaning behind this particular one, it is necessary to display it.