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Kathleen Redly is one of the local creators that we represented in the last Know-it-all Marketplace in December 2020. She will be joining us again for our February 2022 edition so please stop by when you get a chance. But if you can't wait that long, then join her this Wednesday, 12 January 2022, from 19h-21h for the vernissage of her latest exhibit. 

L’art nous libère, which translates to "art frees us". Kathleen came up with this title as it describes both artists’ bodies of work. She comments, "With art we can go anywhere, create our own vision and share it with others, who may have a completely different experience of our creation."

We caught up with Kathleen just before the exhibit opened and asked for a few comments.

I am an artist living in Geneva, Switzerland. I grew up on the Canadian prairies, where I fell in love with the sky. My parents valued art, and always encouraged our artistic endeavors. I loved drawing and painting from an early age, always with an emphasis on colour. I did art throughout secondary school and studio classes in university. I had two duo shows in Saskatoon, my home town, in the nineties, under my maiden name, Kathleen Bowman. After a long absence from what I call “hands dirty” art, when my focus was on raising our children, I had an overwhelming urge to get back to it. I enrolled in a wonderful local art workshop, which gave me just what I needed.


I enjoy creating in various media, including photography, but painting is my favourite technique. My work is most often intuitive, frequently coming from memories, impressions, a feeling. I sometimes plan my work out meticulously, but more frequently I work spontaneously. Beautiful compositions, colour harmonies, flowers, nature, water and reflections, weather conditions, looking at the work of other artists and photographers, and the media I work with inspire me. Whether I am doing something from life or a photo, from memory or imagination, the piece I am working on has the last word, showing me what it needs. With art I am free to dream and discover. It is my way of life.


I love Lake Geneva, lakes, rivers, the Mediterranean, basically all bodies of water, perhaps because I come from the landlocked prairies. Sailboats inspire me. I love Van Gogh’s nocturnes, and Émil Nolde’s watercolour seascapes, but had also, in the art workshop I attend, just rediscovered the joy of oil pastel resists! So I had already drawn a sailboat for another work and had it on tracing paper, and used that to quickly do the outline in yellow oil pastel, then I was able to focus more on the atmospheric, peaceful, beauty of my vision.

Le Spot, Maison de Quartiers de Chêne-Bourg
2 rue François-Perréard
1225 Chêne-Bourg


L’art nous libère
Group exhibition of art, mixed media, and photography
Kathleen Redly and Sophie Tracewski Grange

12 January through 24 February 2022
Monday 14h-20h
Tuesday 14h-21
Wednesday 9h-19h
Thursday 9h-20h
Friday 14h20h
Weekends (check website)

VERNISSAGE 12 January 2022
Instagram: @kathleen_redly
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.