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Maison Casagiu

MAISON CASAGIU & Co: Sabine, Bénédicte, Laetitia, Priscille, Giselle, Barbara

In Nyon, a new concept store combining tranquillity and refinement opened its doors almost a year ago, offering a range of services dedicated both to real estate and to artistic and decorative creativity. The synergy of skills intertwines to create unique, personalised living spaces. Driven by dynamic, enterprising women, this all-inclusive concept has a unique charm and originality all of its own.

How it all began: A beautiful story

In 2015, Casagiu was born from the hands and heart of Laetitia, who named her little boutique after the lucky acronym of the 3 first names of her daughters Carla, Sarah and Giulia. Passionate about human relationships and beautiful things, she set up shop under the arches on the lake road in Coppet where she welcomed visitors with warmth and a smile, inviting them to discover the many treasures she carefully selected. Casagiu then moved into the majestic setting of the Château de Coppet in 2018.

In 2023, Laetitia was once again faced with a unique opportunity: to move into the former Le Garage on Rue de Rive in Nyon, an incredible 340m2 of space facing the serene waters of Lake Geneva.

A unique concept was born, bringing together a showroom, an estate agency, an interior architect and an artists' gallery under the aegis of Maison Casagiu & Co. Thus, exceeding its status as a simple boutique, to offering a holistic approach, where their visitors can feel right at home, with the potential of having a multitude of needs met, ranging from the selling of their property, the purchase of a new home, and the renovation, furnishing and decoration of existing or new homes with a tailor-made approach!

Being guided by empathetic, generous women who are able to decode the needs and expectations of their clients, is an undeniable added value, and the highlight of this unique concept. Their sensitivity and aestheticism play a key role in an area where choices can be complex and with doubts abound. Opting for the guidance of these talented professionals is sure to save you time and money and most importantly, ensure a fun and gratifying experience!

A meeting place and a source of inspiration

A vibrant place of exchange and creativity, these premises are designed to be "lived in" and are ideal for numerous events, organised once a month on different themes, bringing together shoppers and local personalities.

Maison Casagiu & Co
Rue de Rive 67 / Quai louis Bonnard
1260 Nyon

The key players:

  • Maison Casagiu
    022 776 59 12
    Laetitia and Barbara form a united and seamlessly united team in the magnificent showroom featuring furniture, art, decorative items, and more.
  • Profil ID Sàrl, Profil Immobilier & Interior Design
    022 776 06 70
    Bénédicte and Priscille, both passionate about real estate bring a human dimension to their work.
    078 847 25 03
    Instagram: sabine.l.haanaes.art
    Fascinated by the power of colours and painting as an expression of liberty and happiness, Sabine L. Haanæs loves collaborating with clients who want to commission a painting that speaks to their particular needs and taste.