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Are you looking to sell some gold? We all have some pieces of jewelry that we were given as a child or teenager that we no longer need or want. Why not sell them and use the money towards an item that you really want?

If you are like me, I was skeptical of shops that claim that they will buy your gold for cash on the spot. I wasn't sure how legitimate or how generous the shops were. I'm happy to report my findings to you so you don't have to check from shop to shop for the best price. Know-it-all passport® is based on recommendations, and this is certainly one of those times. Here is how it all started:

A friend of mine went first. Here is what she reported: "I went to 3 different buyers near Cornavin in Geneva. First was Goldhaus jewelry shop just opposite Cornavin that has a sign on the door stating they buy gold. She estimated them at Fr. 150.-. 

"Another shop at 12, boulevard James-Fazy offered Fr. 98.- for the same items the same day. It sounded totally different from the first place and really so much less.

"Then I happened to go to Gold Service. The person who helped me was very pleasant and looked at the rings, weighed them, and calculated the value at Fr. 166.40. He went on to professionally explain how the method works and would I like to continue with him."

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1) First he checked the purity of gold (22K, 18K, 14K, 9K) by scraping the metal against a special stone, then brushed on some liquid to positively identify the purity of the gold. They are not interested in gold-plated items. (Since 1 June 2021, it is now mandatory for gold jewelry to be hallmarked.)

 2) Then he asked for my ID, address, and proceeded to photocopy the jewelry with this information (as in sample photo below). He explained that on his side, he is not allowed to send the gold off to melt down for 3 weeks, even though I will receive the cash immediately. During the 3 weeks, the police will check the photocopy against stolen goods. This is standard procedure.

3) He made out a receipt for the items and the value.

4) He paid me cash for the amount immediately.

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For myself, I just went to two places. The one in Bellevue offered Fr. 220.- which I felt was low so I went to one in Chantepoulet after hearing of my friend's experience. Can you believe that Gold Service offered me Fr. 343.40 for the same items (receipt below)! I accepted and said I would do an article for my readers to let them know as I was appalled at the difference in price.

Manuel Matias, conseiller négoce en métaux précieux at Gold Service, was the man I spoke to (in lead photo) and I really felt safe, in good company, and confident that it was a win-win situation for both of us. 

I am perfectly aware that the current price of gold is when you buy, and that selling to a company will result in a lower price... but I was amazed that Gold Service offered 1/3 more Swiss francs for the same items on the same day!


Manuel also explained that they sell gold bars for investment purposes as well as silver items under the same conditions. It is also important to note that the gold is purely valued on weight, not design, sentimental value, or other. Once you have signed off, you cannot recuperate the jewelry and it will be melted down. 

Getting your items valued by using PostPack 
Gold Service uses the Swiss post office's PostPack for those not able or willing to come in the agency itself. Send your goods by post, in sealed, secure, and tracked packaging. Upon receipt, Gold Service will send you an offer to purchase. Payment is made after validation of the offer. The shipping fees are refunded if the bid is accepted.

For large quantities of items, you can ask for someone to visit your home upon appointment.

If you are interested in contacting Gold Service, please let Manuel know that you read this article.

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Gold Service

Geneva Agency - Manuel Matias
2, rue de Chantepoulet
1201 Genève
022 732 65 45
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As well as Geneva, there are agencies in Bern, Délémont, Fribourg, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Lausanne, Morges, Neuchâtel, Sion, and Zurich. There are many outlets in France as well, the closest being Annecy.