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Meet the author at Living in Nyon’s special book launch on Tuesday 10 November 2015.

If you’ve lived in or near to Switzerland for any period of time, you will have probably traveled through the country by many different means: by car; on foot; by boat, by train; and maybe even plane. Each kind of journey provides a different insight into this fascinating country and it is with this in mind that local English author, Diccon Bewes, has created a new kind of journey through Switzerland, one conducted via maps!

In his new book, Around Switzerland in 80 Maps, Diccon offers readers a magical history tour, which illuminates the past and present using maps as a guide.  Diccon told knowitall.ch, “Maps can be decorative or informative, revealing geography or history, or indeed all of those things – in fact they are the perfect pictorial way to explain and entertain!”

80maps 2

Each of the maps in the book has been chosen for a particular reason, be that an important moment in Swiss history, an interesting aspect of Swiss life, or simply because it’s beautiful.  Hand-painted or computer-generated, medieval or modern, city or country, all the maps have one thing in common: Switzerland. But this isn’t just a book with 80 maps of Switzerland, as many of them don’t cover the whole country; it’s a book, which charts the development of Switzerland over the centuries, and which has appeal to artists, historians, and geographers alike, or just those with a general interest in the country.

The book is divided into different themes: Borders & Lands; Town & Country; War & Peace; Transport and Tourism; and People & Power. The last section, Fantasy Switzerland, is a curious one, including 8 maps that deal with things that didn’t happen in Switzerland, or give alternative views of the country; the medieval city that was never built or a Greater Switzerland with 40 cantons.

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Around Switzerland in 80 Maps is being published in Switzerland in three different languages, and a book tour will commence with the official Swiss launch in Bern at the end of October. We are fortunate that Diccon will present his book in Suisse Romande at a special event in Nyon on 10 November.

Organized by Living in Nyon, the presentation will take place at the Ferme du Manoir at the Place du Château in Nyon.  The talk will be held in English and the book (in both English and French editions) will be for sale (cash only) on the evening.

The talk will run from 19h30 to 20h30, with doors opening at 19:00. A Fr. 15.- entry fee  will include a glass of wine after the event in the cave of the Château de Nyon. Reservations are required, with cash payment to be made on the evening. Email –  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and write  “80 Maps” in the subject headline. Please state the names of all those attending.

80maps 3Around Switzerland in 80 Maps
Book launch with Diccon Bewes
Organized by Living in Nyon
Ferme du Manoir
Place du Château
Tuesday 10th November at 19h30