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By Laraba Friedman, Balanced Healing

As I celebrated the New Year with my family, I asked each one of them what they would like to give back – the answers were:

  • to continue to raise money for a friend’s education in Africa
  • to lower personal plastic consumption
  • to be vegan 2 x week (at least)
  • to continue eradicating waste at school through a special committee
  • and to befriend an older person in the community.

I was proud. As for me, I want to continue on my minimization of plastics and to create a pace where I am able to enjoy the moments without wishing them away. And… because of who I am, I want to continue my adventure to a healthier gut!

Where are you with your thoughts for 2019?

Want to join me on the path of a healthier gut (and mind)? If so, I invite you to participate in one of my Healthy GUT….Healthy YOU, 4 week workshops starting 17 January.

This course is a great way to get to know your body (and its limits) and to take note of what is over ‘committing’ in the physical and emotional sense.

I recommend people do my workshop twice a year, as it gets you back to basics and thinking about a healthier way of living. If you have already done one course then why not try it again? You do have the tools but from personal experience, it’s much easier to do it with others.


An orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, specialising in the treatment of hip and knee osteoarthritis, fractures, as well as ligamentary lesions of the knee has recently been recommended to knowitall.ch. Dr. John McManus holds the post of consultant surgeon and joint head of the department of orthopaedic and trauma surgery at the Nyon Hospital (Groupement Hospitalier de l'Ouest Lémanique - GHOL) since June this year.

Dr. McManus completed his undergraduate studies at Queen’s University Belfast, in the United Kingdom, obtaining his medical degree in 2007, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Human Anatomy with first class honours, followed by a Masters in Applied Biomechanics at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

Following two years as a junior doctor at the university hospitals in Belfast, Dr. McManus began his training in orthopaedics and trauma surgery at CHUV — Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois in 2009, caring for patients with traumatic and degenerative conditions of the musculoskeletal system.

After two years as chief resident at the Riviera Chablais Hospital, with a large experience in general orthopaedics and trauma surgery, he returned to CHUV where he specialised in the care of patients with knee and hip osteoarthritis, as well as complications after prosthetic surgery. He also has specialised training for the care of patients with ligamentary or meniscal lesions of the knee. He also has a wide experience in general orthopaedic and trauma surgery.


Christiane Raza Romana's Pilates studio in Morges

What exactly is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates (JP, 1883-1967) was a German physical trainer and invented the "Contrologie" known as Pilates: a method that brings together hundreds of movements using gentle and precise physical exercises that require a total concentration of "body and mind". Pilates is performed on the ground, mat, or on machines by systematically engaging the deep muscles of the abdominal strap "powerhouse" in order to stretch and simultaneously tone the whole body. This is why this discipline (both authentic and classical types) is practiced without music. The program will gently reshape and rebalance the body, and bring wellbeing through self-centering in less than one hour.

This discipline can be practiced from age 16 for as long as you are able, and at any level. Athletic or not, a clear improvement in physical performance and a gain of flexibility will be visible and felt.

JP's priority was to keep your body in shape and improve your daily life through individual programs. He worked tirelessly all his life to perfect his movements and invent his own machines. Romana Kryzanowska, one of his pupils, managed to pass on this pure teaching by opening the training school "Romana's Pilates" around the world.

Christiane Razakarivony, Christiane Raza Romana's Pilates, has been athletic since a child, and graduated as a fitness instructor from "Les Mills" in 1999. She decided to join Romana's Pilates in 2013 and is certified to teach. She boasts, "I am nearly 47 but my body has regained its flexibility of when I was a teenager!". She remains loyal to the CPE (Continuing Pilates Education), which encourages instructors to deepen what they have learned over 6 and 24 months (depending on their availability and location) as well as attend an annual conference that helps to better understand all aspects and focus of what JP has put a lifetime, and how to teach the same exercises differently on different bodies: the result should be the same — a healthy mind in a healthy body. She believes that this is a sport that exceeds all other sports she's tried (judo, swimming, gymnastics, dance, tennis, karate, triathlon).

Bronzed booth2

When Lindsay Moody moved to Switzerland in 2013 from the UK she was surprised that sunbed shops here do not provide a spray tan service. So she did what any entrepreneur would do in this situation — she set up a business providing year-round airbrush tanning solutions!

It wasn't as simple as all that. She needed to first complete a Sienna X training course. She admits, "I have always had a passion for fake tans being of Celtic origin and thus quite pale! I am also a firm believer in staying out of the sun, looking after your skin and keeping it healthy. Sadly, the number one enemy is the sun. We all want a tan but a tan is just sun damage and is your skin’s way of telling you it’s being damaged, dark spots, premature aging, wrinkles, and in the worst case scenario, skin cancer." 

Not only is this treatment with immediate results but a great confidence-booster, particularly in the grey winter months. Sunless tanning is perfect for a simple pick-me-up, parties, weddings, pre-holiday, special occasions, and perfect for naturally pale skins that burn and never tan. The custom airbrush spray tan is a 1-on-1 personalized spray tanning session done in privacy. The process takes around 10-15 minutes for a full body spray tan and takes around 6-8 hours to develop. The "One Hour Tan" is also available and can be washed off after one hour and the color develops over 2-4 hours. (designed for people that want to quickly wash off the color guide and not sit around in tan for hours while it develops).

Lindsay said, "I found spray tanning is the perfect business to run alongside my current home and life commitments. I am a mother of 3 young boys and it provides me with a sense of fulfilment outside my busy role of mother and wife."

sunshine therapy 2

Living abroad can be lots of fun but when you’re an expatriate struggling to find the right English-speaking speech therapist for your child then it starts to become less exciting!

Even if you’re lucky enough to find a therapist near you who has some availability – and in the Lake Geneva region that doesn’t happen very often - the chances are that their accent will not match that of your child and you will not see the progress you are hoping for.

So is there a solution? Swiss-American, Birgit Suess, believes she has found the answer with her teletherapy business, Sweet Sunshine Speech Therapy, which she launched online around 10 years ago.

Using video software such as Skype, Gotomeeting or Zoom, Sweet Sunshine Speech Therapy enables children to meet with speech therapists in a safe environment online. Children can see and hear their therapist on-screen and share their mouse/keyboard controls so that they can fully participate in therapy activities. Teletherapy follows all the same ethical and professional guidelines as on-site therapy. Privacy is of the utmost importance so all communication, documents and sessions are kept confidential.

With no geographic limits on her network of therapists, Birgit is able to match therapists with the specific needs of her clients – most of whom are aged between 3 and 21.  All of her speech therapists are native English speakers, nationally certified by their country of origin, and trained in accommodating for various English accents and dialects, as well as cultural differences.  Birgit told us, “If you’ve ever had a child go through speech therapy, you will appreciate just how important it is to limit any dialectal differences between the therapist and your child!"