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fabienne reflexology1

In 2015 we featured an experienced reflexologist on our site, called Fabienne Mourgue d’Algue.

Using a unique combination of Reflexology and Maïeusthésie, Fabienne’s treatments are considered to be quite special in the Geneva area, helping clients to overcome a variety of conditions such as depression, lack of confidence, tiredness, sleeping difficulties, constipation, and stress. You can find out more about her services in our article here.

Since we last wrote about Fabienne, she has developed her skills to add a number of new reflexology treatments targeted at two specific groups of people: pregnant women, and anyone keen to maintain the quality of their immune system, especially during the cold winter months.

Talking about her pregnancy treatments, Fabienne told knowitall.ch, “Over the years, I have received a number of enquiries from pregnant women, experiencing a range of difficulties throughout their pregnancy. So I have developed two treatments specifically for these women, one focusing on the emotional aspects of pregnancy and the other focusing more on physical difficulties.”

Christmas services2015

We have now updated our list of Christmas church services for 2016.  If you would like to attend one of the many services happening in Geneva, Vaud and neighboring France this year, please take a look at the following list, which we have compiled from the websites of local churches. Some of them are French-speaking but most are English-speaking churches. Please check the websites before setting out, in case any of the times or locations have changed.

If your local church has not yet posted details of their services, please come back and check the article again later, as we will update the list when details become available.

If you know about other services in your area, please let us know.


As the festive season approaches, it can be a tough time for many people, especially expats who don’t have the benefit of family nearby to draw upon for support.

Even those with a vast network of family and friends can feel lonely at Christmas as everyone seems far too busy with their own festive preparations to concern themselves with other people’s worries.

At times like this, it can be helpful to call upon the services of a professional therapist, trained to help clients manage the wide range of daily issues that can prove particularly challenging, not just at Christmas, but on other occasions throughout the year as well.

One English-speaking therapist, who was recently recommended to us, and has a special interest in relationship issues in the home, family and at work, is Lindsey Anderson.  Having been married, divorced, a working mum, a stay-at-home mum, self-employed and re-located several times herself, Lindsey knows how difficult it is to juggle the roles of parent, partner, professional, wage earner and non-earner.

divorce sparks

Being an expat or a foreigner in a strange country can sometimes put a huge strain on a relationship, especially when there are other issues to cope with. Many a marriage has broken up as couples find it difficult to adapt to their new life with the same ease.

It is natural for couples to feel tension when there is one partner working and the other is trying hard to reinvent themselves and adapt to a new language, food, shopping, schools, activities and friends. Culture shock rarely hits both adults at the same time: in short, they experience "desynchronization of their intercultural adjustment".

The following chart shows a typical cycle. Imagine what might happen if you were married and either you or your partner had a delayed response within the cycle. Suddenly one of you is on a high, embracing life and all it has to offer you in your new country.  Meanwhile the other partner is feeling depressed, irritable and isolated, with no-one to support them during a difficult phase when it feels that their views are in total opposition to their new environment.

tracey uog 2013a

Know-it-all passport® presents a workshop for:

Raising Multilingual Children: Foreign Language Acquisition and Children

by world-renowned specialist in education and neuroscience, Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa, Ph.D. www.traceytokuhama.com/about-tracey

Tracey is half Japanese-American, half Irish-Native American and is married to an Ecuadorian. Her 3 children aged 24, 21 and 19 speak fluent English, Spanish and German and some French.

Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa, author of “Raising Multilingual Children” and 5 other books on the brain and learning, is visiting Switzerland to present her dynamic workshops.

There are Ten Key Factors which influence every student’s success with new languages: