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The deadline to sign up for early bird discounts for Know-it-all passport®'s upcoming workshops on raising multilingual children is fast approaching!  Sign up before 23h30 on 9 January 2018 to get Fr. 35.- off the standard entry price for a single ticket, or Fr. 60.- off the entry price for a couple.

Raising Multilingual Children: Foreign Language Acquisition and Children

This year's workshops on raising multilingual children will be led, once again, by the world-renowned specialist in education and neuroscience, Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa, Ph.D.. Half Japanese-American and half Irish-Native American, Tracey is married to an Ecuadorian and has 3 children aged 20, 22 and 24, who speak fluent English, Spanish and German, and some French.

Currently working as an educational researcher in Quito as well as teaching a successful course on The Neurscience of Learning and Achievement at the Harvard University Extension School, Tracey has written numerous books on the brain and learning. Her first book, “Raising Multilingual Children: Foreign Language Acquisition and Children”, is especially popular with "international parents" facing the challenges of raising children in a multilingual environment.

Language acquisition: the key to success

According to Tracey, there are Ten Key Factors, which influence every student’s success with new languages:

2017 christmas church services

If you would like to attend one of the many Christmas church services happening in Geneva, Vaud and neighboring France this year, please take a look at the following list, which we have compiled from the websites of local churches. Some of them are French-speaking but most are English-speaking churches. Please check the websites before setting out, in case any of the times or locations have changed.

If your local church has not yet posted details of their services, please come back and check the article again later, as we will update the list when details become available.

If you know about other services in your area, please let us know.

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10% discount for knowitall.ch readers!

A local neuroscientist, health and nutrition consultant, Dr. Irina Schurov, has launched a new “recovery” program that will empower parents to help children overcome a wide range of learning difficulties and general health issues.

Called the DNA Nourishing Program, this new initiative uses a nutritional and nutrigenomic approach to help children improve concentration and learn more effectively, especially those with Special Education Needs (SEN), including the autistic spectrum and ADHD. 

Explaining the rationale for her new program to knowitall.ch, Dr. Schurov told us,

“After years of working in the field of neuroscience alongside experts in academic labs as well as pharmaceutical and biotech companies, I have soon come to realize that the epidemic of chronic diseases that we are facing needs to be addressed through prevention and nutrition. I set up my own business, LiveRight, to help families raise healthy and happy children, especially those suffering with conditions like autism and ADHD.”

She continued, “I have designed a program to nourish, support and reboot their bodies and brain function on a DNA level. It is based on 3 basic principles. Only when we understand them, believe in them and apply them in our life, can we begin to change the common misconceptions about these complex conditions and start addressing them as treatable and preventable disorders effecting the whole body. I help people to make this important shift, enabling them to get on the recovery path.  I also love my public speaking activities and workshops that help to raise awareness and empower parents to make changes." (See next workshop details at the end of this article)

Laraba fruit and veg in baskets

Health rejuvenation coach, Laraba Friedman is offering knowitall.ch readers a 15% discount on her next series of Healthy GUT...Healthy YOU, healthy eating workshops.

Starting on Tuesday morning, 31 October from 10h to 11h30, or Thursday evening, 2 November from 19h to 20h30, her two new series of workshops will run over 4 weeks and have been designed to help participants clean and repair their guts, whilst improving their diet, health and general outlook on life!

Individual approach

As a qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Massage Therapist with 4 years’ experience of working in the greater Geneva area, Laraba understands how important it is to treat each client on her workshops as a bio-individual with their own “unique story” to tell.  

She told knowitall.ch, “I tailor my work to suit each person, situation and moment. I prefer to listen to what is happening and act on what I hear, so no health coaching session or massage is ever the same!”

ambition balloon 500 2

At Know-it-all passport we often receive recommendations about new up-and-coming coaches. We occasionally feature articles about hypnotherapists too. But we had never heard about hypnocoaching until Cindy Stucky from the Ambition Centre in Vaud got in touch with us recently!

What is hypnocoaching?

Hypnocoaching is a new coaching process being offered by Cindy, which draws on the two separate skills she has learnt as a qualified hypnotherapist and coach.  The aim of the process is to reveal your inner strength through a 3-stage process:

  • It begins with an idea
  • It evolves with an action
  • It becomes reality with its success

According to Cindy, the potential benefits of being supported with useful coaching tools and professional hypnotherapy expertise are huge.  She told knowitall.ch,

“Hypnocoaching is a long-established, tried and tested tool for leveraging your self-confidence, end enlarging your knowledge about yourself.  The process effectively teaches you to create new solutions every day, so that you can effectively step into a new position and see opportunities where they didn’t exist before – all with the final goal of realizing your life goals!”