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Experienced reflexologist, Fabienne Mourgue d’Algue, is offering knowitall.ch readers 10% off all reflexology massages booked before the end of 2015.

Using a unique combination of reflexology and Maïeusthésie, Fabienne’s treatments are considered to be quite special in the Geneva area, helping clients to overcome a variety of conditions such as depression, lack of confidence, tiredness, sleeping difficulties, constipation, and stress.

Fabienne explained, “Reflexology is practised by the gentle massage of the reflex zones of the feet, restoring the body’s natural equilibrium.  Maïeusthésie is a psychological technique created to reveal the part of you that has being suffering. You will feel lighter and much more free after this therapeutic moment.  Having studied the disciplines of reflexology and Maïeusthésie for 3 years, I have spent the last 18 months in private practice, using my knowledge to adapt each treatment to the individual needs of my patients.”

Fabienne offers three different types of treatments, which she describes as follows:

a) The ultimate relaxation.
An hour of deeply relaxing treatment. Without treating any particular problems, reflexology can help maintain optimum health, by stimulating the immune system.

b) A series of at least 5 treatments to improve or resolve a disorder
Reflexology calms the functioning of the digestive system by facilitating the elimination of toxins from the body. It is effective in improving the quality of sleep, relieving anxiety, and helping during periods of prolonged stress and chronic fatigue.  Reflexology also relieves sinusitis and bronchial conditions and can reduce the effects of seasonal allergies.

c) Maintain your health!
A Reflexology treatment once a month helps to maintain a healthy immune system and can prevent winter illnesses.

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Asked what kind of people come to her for help, Fabienne told us that pregnant women find reflexology very beneficial,, as it reduces tension, regulates and improves circulation and the lymphatic function, relieves digestive and back problems, and facilitates restful sleep.

Apparently, elderly and adolescent patients also find reflexology very effective in treating physical injuries, such as whiplash. According to Fabienne, it can restore the body’s natural equilibrium following an accident. It can also aid in relieving stress and chronic memory loss. By applying gentle pressure on relevant areas of the foot, the treatment works by harmonising the rhythm (pace) of the cerebospinal fluid which surrounds the brain and spinal column. It is also regarded as a cranio-sacral treatment.

Children and babies also respond rapidly to Reflexology treatment. Problems such as bronchial conditions, constipation and sleeping difficulties can be eased quickly with the technique.

Indeed, one client told knowitall.ch, “I took my five year old to a reflexology treatment due to a chronic cough.   Fabienne treated her, and also showed me how to continue the treatment daily at home.  She has a lovely manner with children and explained everything so my daughter understood what to expect, and my daughter enjoyed the treatment, slept better and her cough disappeared!”

To find out more about Fabienne’s services, visit her website at www.reflexo-geneve.ch. Although the website is in French, Fabienne also speaks English, which can be reassuring for English-speaking newcomers who have lots of questions about the technique. Fabienne is also ASCA certified, which means that her services are reimbursed by some complementary health insurance schemes.

discount button150newFabienne is offering all knowitall.ch readers 10% off all treatments booked before the end of 2015. To claim your discount, just mention this article when you make your booking.

Cabinet de Réflexologie
Fabienne Mourgue d'Algue
Place du village à Vandoeuvres
2-4 route de Choulex
1253 Vandoeuvres
079 373 64 22