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When Lindsay Moody moved to Switzerland in 2013 from the UK she was surprised that sunbed shops here do not provide a spray tan service. So she did what any entrepreneur would do in this situation — she set up a business providing year-round airbrush tanning solutions!

It wasn't as simple as all that. She needed to first complete a Sienna X training course. She admits, "I have always had a passion for fake tans being of Celtic origin and thus quite pale! I am also a firm believer in staying out of the sun, looking after your skin and keeping it healthy. Sadly, the number one enemy is the sun. We all want a tan but a tan is just sun damage and is your skin’s way of telling you it’s being damaged, dark spots, premature aging, wrinkles, and in the worst case scenario, skin cancer." 

Not only is this treatment with immediate results but a great confidence-booster, particularly in the grey winter months. Sunless tanning is perfect for a simple pick-me-up, parties, weddings, pre-holiday, special occasions, and perfect for naturally pale skins that burn and never tan. The custom airbrush spray tan is a 1-on-1 personalized spray tanning session done in privacy. The process takes around 10-15 minutes for a full body spray tan and takes around 6-8 hours to develop. The "One Hour Tan" is also available and can be washed off after one hour and the color develops over 2-4 hours. (designed for people that want to quickly wash off the color guide and not sit around in tan for hours while it develops).

Lindsay said, "I found spray tanning is the perfect business to run alongside my current home and life commitments. I am a mother of 3 young boys and it provides me with a sense of fulfilment outside my busy role of mother and wife."

One satisfied client, Lisa Z., wrote to knowitall.ch: "I've had quite a few spray tans over the years and this was one of the best I've had. Lindsay did the spray tan from her home salon and was very friendly and made me feel relaxed. I'd not tried the Sienna X tan before and was unsure about which color to choose, but she talked me through the best one to suit my skin type. The spray application was fast and completely streak free and it faded well. I've had a lot of compliments!"

Bronzed tan

Showing off an 8% DHA which gives a golden tan for quite pale skins

Sienna X and Spray Tanning
The award-winning Sienna X come in a range of colors and strengths to suit all skin types, even the very pale. The Sienna X products range from 6% (a light glow) to 12% (think body building tan).

The tan will last approximately one week or longer, depending on your skin type and lifestyle. The one hour tan will only last around 3 days. A sunless tan gradually fades just as a tan from the sun would. The active ingredient in the tan solution is DHA, or dihydroxyacetone, which creates the brown hue by interacting with the amino acids in the skin. The percentage of DHA that is in the spray tanning solutions will determine the depth of tan that will be produced. 

Lindsay explains, "The color that is sprayed on is a color guide used by me to ensure the whole body is sprayed, and this color guide will wash off in your first shower leaving you with a beautiful, natural tan. Don’t panic if you think this initial color is too dark, it’s more like a bronzer to ensure you are fully covered and completely washes off."

Prices are very reasonable for both tanning solutions: Fr. 55.-/full body; Fr. 25.-/legs. Ask Lindsay about have a "tan party” at your home for groups of 5 or more; she will throw in a bottle of bubbly as well! 


  • Very fast head to toe application
  • UV free - safe for your skin
  • Streak-free in comparison to rub on creams
  • Natural look
  • No nasty fake tan odor

Ldiscount button150newindsay has kindly offered 2 substantial discounts for new clients for purchases bought before 31 December 2018. Just mention you saw this article on knowitall.ch when booking your session.

1) Offer for full body tan: Fr. 40.- instead of Fr. 55.-! That is over a 25% savings off her normal price. 
2) Buy a package of 6 tanning sessions for the price of 5: Fr. 275.- instead of Fr. 330.- (valid through 2019).

Lindsay Moody
Ch. du Bornalet 12
1066 Epalinges, VD

Free parking directly outside.

Contact for appointment
078 224 49 14
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Lindsay is happy to travel for group bookings but not individual tans. Why not get a group of 5 or more together and only pay Fr. 72.-/person for a full body tan at the location of your choice within Geneva/Vaud?