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sara heyse

If you are looking for an English-speaking doctor in the Morges area, then we have one that was recently recommended to knowitall.ch, Dr. Sara Heyse.

Dan L. wrote this fabulous email to us, "I went to see Dr. Sara Heyse two years ago in Nyon. I had a problem which troubled me for a while and none of the doctors I saw were able to point me in a clear direction. They just recommended to take various tests and exams. When I saw Dr. Heyse, she listened to me carefully and she found the correct diagnose. She prescribed the treatment as well as mesotherapy. I followed her advice and am now recovered. I am still seeing Dr. Heyse regularly at her clinic is in Morges; I think that it is worth the trip. I feel good each time after seeing her. For me, Dr. Heyse is a very good doctor. She speaks excellent English and she is a very good listener. She enables and empowers me in my healing process. I highly recommend Dr. Heyse."

And another glowing referral from Elina V., "Dr Heyse is an exceptional physician, who meets each of her patients at a personal level and is a wonderful listener. She is a warm and welcoming doctor, who makes you feel very comfortable even when you are not at your best. The professional advice she has given me was to the point and was what I needed. I would sincerely recommend Dr. Heyse's services to others in the region. I have dealt with her in English, but I also know that she speaks fluent French."

Can you please explain your line of work?
I am writing this text in the middle of the Corona virus crisis. It doesn't feel appropriate to talk a lot about myself but rather what moves me to do this profession. I have such great respect for nature that I wanted to serve our community by advocating for the beauty of our bodies and souls. I strongly believe that if we can honour and respect the equilibrium in nature, we can live happily and in great health until our time is up here on earth. My everyday work is mainly focussed on encouraging people to listen to their bodies. When symptoms and health issues come up, it is up to us to decipher the message. What is out of equilibrium? What habits, dogmas, ideas or views do we need to change to recover our balance?

As a physician, my task is to help translate this message and to help patients to find their natural balance. During my years in practice I started applying several tools such as phytotherapy (management and prevention of disease with plants), orthomolecular medecine (with vitamins and nutritional supplements) and mesotherapy (tiny injections under the skin with natural products) to support the body. Fortunately we also have access to wonderful medication that we can prescribe when needed. I feel so grateful that I have the luxury to combine conventional medicine and complementary medicine in my day to day practice.

What was the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in setting up practice in Switzerland?
Every move is interesting and the biggest challenge for me was definitely the paperwork to get my license in Switzerland!

Dr. Heyse's recommendation about COVID-19
What people need to do to avoid getting contaminated (washing hands, keeping distance etc.) has been stated over and over, but what nobody is talking about is how one needs to take care of their immune system so its performance level would be optimal. It could be the difference between a runny nose and being admitted to the intensive care unit. When it comes to battling a virus the only real way to overcome it is to have our immune system do its job. To fuel this amazing network of white blood cells we need the right number of vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats, regular exercise and enough sleep. Research also shows that by having a positive attitude towards life and low stress levels the immune system is performing way better. That's why we get ill much quicker if we have bad eating habits, feel depressed, tired and/or stressed out.

So, for me the ‘take home message’ is to take care of your immune system on a day to day basis. That way we are better protected against illnesses.

So, this is a time to reflect upon your life and to find out how you can improve your lifestyle for the better.

What keeps you healthy?
I feel inspired every day to live in such a beautiful place with fine people. My family loves the outdoors. Hence, our weekends are filled with outdoor adventures in order to recharge our batteries and come back invigorated and strong, ready for another work week, guiding my patients towards a healthier life.

What is your most passionate field of medicine?
Dr. Sara Heyse explains, "My passion is integrative medicine which means integrating conventional medicine with complementary tools and treatments to help people refind their balance in a natural way. I practice mesotherapy which is a treatment where little injections with natural products are administered, phytotherapy, orthomolecular medicine and I love working with meditation exercices to help with stress management and general wellbeing."


About Dr. Heyse
A general practitioner born and trained in Belgium. The move to Switzerland came in 2015 after having spent 8 years abroad in London and Berkeley, California, where she worked as a GP and in biotech. Her recently-opened private practice is situated in Morges. She told knowitall.ch, "I am delighted to be able to fully be myself and share my passion freely with my patients. Before I worked for 4 years in a medical center in Nyon. Now with this practice on the main street in Morges, I feel that the enviroment is calming and less clinical."

At the moment, Dr. Heyse is available by phone consultations and emergencies other than corona infections.

Dr. Sara Heyse
Rue Louis-de-Savoie 21
1110 Morges
(next to Imprimerie Hermann)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
021 801 78 50