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ellen kocher

Free 40-minute discovery session and follow-up consultation for knowitall.ch readers (conditions apply)

Do you feel frustrated or stuck as you struggle to manage your work-life balance and cope with things like food, exercise, stress or sleep?  

Do you find that you are always preoccupied with the problem but lack the time or motivation to get the results you crave?

If so, then now may be the time to enlist the support of a health and wellbeing coach to help you take the first steps towards finding your authentic, vibrant self again!

With more and more health coaches setting up business in this region, it’s important to find someone you can relate to, someone who’s on your wavelength and understands your issues.  But how can you be sure to find the right person, without spending a fortune on lots of introductory sessions with different coaches?

To help make the selection process easier, one coach, Ellen Kocher is offering our readers a free 40-minute discovery session that will give you all the time you need to ask those important questions relating to your own health and wellbeing. If, following the discussion, you decide to follow a course of coaching with Ellen, then she is also offering an additional 50-minute consultation free when you book 4 x 50 minute Skype or Phone consultations with her for the price of Fr. 400.-.  There is absolutely no obligation to take up the consultation offer to claim your free discovery session, and if you just want to head straight to the consultation then you don’t need to have the discovery session first!

So, who is Ellen?

Educated in the States and living in Switzerland for over 30 years, Ellen holds a Masters Degree in Health Coaching and Nutrition, and is qualified as an ICF Associate Certified Coach, Certified Health Coach and Mindful Eating Program Facilitator and Coach.

As a former Management Consultant working in the Finance Industry, Ellen understands only too well the challenges of a busy working lifestyle for both men and women. In 2003 she lost 20 kilos through nutrition and lifestyle change and has dedicated the past 14 years to becoming an expert in nutrition and workplace health. She has coached hundreds of individuals and groups to help them make lifestyle changes that empower people to go from knowing what to do to actually doing it!

In 2014, Ellen set up her own business called Whealthness. Having worked in weight management and corporate health for 9 years, she realized that Weight Management was not the only solution to the issues faced by professionals and their employers. According to Ellen, stress, sleep, sedentarity, mind-set and lifestyle all play a key role in well-being and are essential to avoiding the yo-yo effect so often observed. At Whealthness, she works as a professional guide and mentor empowering individuals to take responsibility for their health and supporting them in making sustainable lifestyle choices. She does not prescribe one diet or one way of living. Instead, she helps people develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for them.

How can Ellen help you?

Ellen helps individuals or organizations with employees who feel they are struggling to manage their work-life balance, especially where it relates to things like food, exercise, stress or sleep.  She works mostly with women in English and French (via Skype, phone or in person) so is not limited by location. However, her corporate clients are based largely in the Swiss French geographical area.

Her services can be divided into four main categories:

  • Individual Coaching for people who want to “go from knowing what to do to actually doing it!”. Ellen supports people in their wellness goals including weight management, nutrition, lifestyle and work-life balance.
  • Group Coaching and Workshops for corporations or groups focused on: Mindful Eating; Stress Management through nutrition and lifestyle; and “Empowerment through self-care”.
  • Public Speaking
  • Bespoke Retreats


As a Corporate Health expert, Ellen implements Swiss Health Promotion Friendly Workspace® criteria when recommending a healthy lifestyle as part of a corporate well-being mission. Through her business, Whealthness, she also currently partners with the following organizations: Swiss Health Promotion; Healthi®; Am I Hungry® Mindful Eating Program; CRPM Lausanne; Universités Populaires; Privilèges Genève; and TAKINOA Food for Joy.

Client recommendation

If you’re still not sure whether to engage the services of someone like Ellen, then maybe the recommendation we received from one of her clients will persuade you:

“Ellen came to my work place hired by my employer for a health improvement training.  Her energy, humor and directly applicable insights inspired me and helped me to take immediate actions. I decided to take personal coaching sessions. She has been outstanding in impacting my approach to life from food to sleep.”

She continued, “Her holistic approach combined with her empathy brought me sustainable changes to my shopping, cooking and eating style….It is not only money well spent, it is a long term sustainable investment. Ellen is practical and very knowledgeable with concrete robust scientific information. Ellen is an awesome person, the sessions were always joyful. I highly recommend Ellen!”

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So if you’re ready to take the plunge and take some action, then don’t forget to take advantage of your knowitall.ch discount, which includes a free 40-minute discovery session as well as an additional 50-minute consultation for free when you book 4 x 50 minute Skype or Phone consultations with her for the price of Fr. 400.-.  Just mention this article on our website when you get in touch with Ellen!

Ellen Kocher
+41 79 673 68 14
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