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Lisa Cirieco-Ohlman went to have her hair and nails done on the first day of reopening for this hairdressers in Geneva, Switzerland. Many of you have already jumped at the chance to get in early or have added a date in your agenda for your next appointment. It is quite amazing how important this has become and that getting your hair done can really lift your moral! A bit of pampering goes a long way.

Upon entering, Lisa noticed the hand sanitizer station facing the door. After sanitizing, Jeanine Kohli, from Extra Coiffure, asked 3 questions. The protocol from the Coiffure Suisse (the Swiss Hairdressing Association) helps hairdressers know what procedures to adapt. If Lisa had answered any of the questions putting anyone in jeopardy of getting sick, the salon may refuse entry. Dominique Kohli assured me he would ask someone to leave if this was the case. The rules and regulations will be changing and shifting as analysis of the situation unfolds so this is current as of 28 April 2020.

What kind of mask to wear?

All precautions were taken very seriously from wiping down every instrument and surface to making sure everyone enters with their own mask. Wearing a mask that loops around your ear is the only way someone can cut your hair so make sure you have one. It is very easy to fold a scarf around a coffee filter and add two elastic bands. However, knowing how hot it would be, Lisa brought in a different mask that goes around the back of her head to use while she had a pedicure (another moral-boosting moment).

Bring in your own reading material

Once the color dye was in place, you will need to find something to do while it sets. Normally a pile of magazines (you know, the gossipy ones) will while away the time nicely, but none were forthcoming. No waiting room with coffee table, no magazines or flyers... all cleared to keep to a minimum of surfaces. So either bring in something of your own to read or make do with some shut-eye — easy to do with the mask on as you already feel quite protected from view!

If you are concerned about hygiene and how you can actually have your hair colored and cut, then check out this video report where Lisa takes you from A-Z. Lisa admits, "I wore rubber gloves from the moment I left my car till I returned. I was surprised that it was comfortable to wear them and didn't get in my way. I was anxious about going to the hairdressers but once I saw the levels of hygiene and care, I was at ease. I have to admit that having a pedicure, then color, then cut... totalling 3.5 hours, was very long. Normally the pedicure and color can be done at the same time but in an abondance of precautions, we decided to limit the number of people hanging around me at one time."


Thanks to Dominique and Jeanine Kohli from Extra Coiffure for letting Lisa film this video in their hair salon. Apologies for the bad sound, but between speaking through a mask and removing background music, some of the audio suffered!

Extra Coiffure
12, rue Lissignol
1201 Genève
022 732 74 34

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