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Pssst... do you know about La Côte's best kept secret? If I told you that Clinique La Lignière in Gland is open to everyone, with English-speaking staff, and are loaded with a great range of doctors, equipment, and facilities, would you want to know more? Did you know that Clinique La Lignière was inspired and cofounded by an American doctor in 1904 (Dr. Kellog — the same doctor that invented cornflakes)? I met with the young dynamic staff of Clinique La Lignière recently and was shown around.

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Currently, the Clinic offers 95 beds and specializes in cardiovascular rehabilitation, neurological, orthopedic and rheumatological rehabilitation, treatment follow-ups, internal medicine, and psychiatry.

An important discipline is Diabetic Treatment. The outpatient part of the clinic is the only one in the area that can specifically cater to this disease. The staff aim to help patients be autonomous, helping them achieve self-care skills. It's not always easy to know what to do in difficult situations when you have diabetes; you can participate in three half-days of help and training upon request.

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Clinique La Lignière has an amazing modern set up over several buildings that are all wired together to make one unit. The oldest building was originally part of the Château de Prangins and is now where the overnight patients bed. Interestingly, half of the 95 beds are used for private patients but the other half has been requisitioned for use by the cantonal insurance system; a maximum number of nights is 21. It is possible that your follow-up treatments that you have received at GHOL or CHUV would be held at Clinique La Lignière.

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In 1998, the Acquaforme Health and Fitness Center, the hydro and physiotherapy complex and the neurological, orthopedic and rheumatological rehabilitation services were opened. The newest building from 2017 houses a 32ºC therapeutic pool, multi-sport rooms for classes, and a newly-furnished sports gym. The gym has the latest technology including 9 e-Gym machines that each have their own specialty; personal information is fed to the computer and the machine tells you what exercises to do and can even insist more on one side of your body than the other.

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Antoine Bussy, Marie Guette, and Sophie Gertsch (off photo)

The cafeteria restaurant serves nutritious meals and we were able to have one of their fresh fruit mixed-to-order smoothies! Can I mention the view of the lake is quite breathtaking, as well as the vast field that links the two together?

I was very impressed by the team that showed us around the clinic. Their obvious enthusiasm, loyalty, and love for their job was contagious. They are young but have worked for over 10 years building and overseeing the development of the infrastructure. Marie Guette, in charge of the Outpatient Day Care Center (physio, pediatric physio, cardiologists, neuropsy, osteopath, diabetes specialists and doctors) and Antoine Bussy, who is in charge of the Health Center; who just introduced e-gym and many other fitness courses like Pilates and aquagym.

The in-house Chaplain takes great care of the patients' wellbeing with musical concerts, singing, crafts and events. During Covid, he brought in his violin and serenaded the patients from the main hallway and another member of staff went in the front yard and played an alphorn!

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If you haven't thought about Clinique La Lignière for your requirements before, then think again. This is a must for any medical, mental, or physical needs.

Clinique La Lignière
La Lignière 5
1196 Gland
022 999 64 64
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