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GEMS Basketball game in Sports Centre

Never one to rest on its laurels, GEMS World Academy Switzerland has been busy putting together a programme of exciting initiatives, events and incentives in 2018 that should appeal to both parents and the general public living in the Etoy region.

Swimming pool and fitness center now open to the public!

One initiative, which is sure to be a huge hit with sports enthusiasts is the opening of the school’s enormous new Pool and Sports Center to the public on Sundays. Between 8h and 12h, adults can now pay a one-off fee of just Fr. 8.- to access the pool and Fr. 15.- for the fitness center or a 10-entry pass for each priced at Fr. 70.- and Fr. 130.- respectively.  The student and child rate for 4 to 15 year olds is less at Fr. 5.- for the pool and Fr. 10.- for the fitness center.

Other facilities can also be booked 7 days in advance, with costs ranging from Fr. 30.- for outdoor tennis and basketball courts, up to Fr. 100.- for the gymnastics hall and Fr. 120.- for the outdoor football pitch. Reservations can be made via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or telephone (021 805 32 43). Click here for more information.

alimentarium sofy 4

With all the current talk about healthy eating in the press and social media, the news that the Alimentarium museum in Vevey has launched a new version of its online learning platform, Alimentarium Academy, could not come at a better time.

With schools eager to include more information about food in their curricula, and parents keen to encourage their kids to eat more nutritious food, the Alimentarium Academy has hit upon a winning solution for all…and one which makes learning all about food great fun for the kids!

First launched in April 2015 with the support of EPFL in Lausanne, the Alimentarium Academy online learning platform has now been radically updated to cater for the interests of both children and their teachers, indeed all adults, not just parents too.

5 key food topics

Available online to the public as well as at various consoles located throughout the Alimentarium museum, the Alimentarium Academy explores 5 key topics related to food and nutrition, through 66 videos, 600 quiz questions, 89 activities, 12 games, and a quiz app too!

In addition to Food and the 5 senses, Food and nutrients, Processing food, and The digestive system, there is a whole new category in the updated version of the platform, called Ecology and food economy.  All 5 sections can be explored in a variety of fun-filled, interactive ways, each designed to quench our thirst for knowledge about food, and to raise children's awareness about the challenges faced by society regarding this fascinating topic.

tutorsplus group of students presentation in classroom

No matter how hard students have studied, the arrival of IB mock exams after the holidays can bring an element of dread to the winter holiday season.  It is natural for even the best students to approach the mock exam season with trepidation, and for parents it is no different.  Many of us feel stressed, wondering what we can do to help our kids get through this difficult period in their lives!

One option for parents is to book their child on an exam revision course – structured support of this kind can make all the difference to a student, who feels overwhelmed by the volume of work they need to get through, or who still hasn’t fully grasped some of the more challenging parts of their course.

With Mock IB exams scheduled in many schools after the winter break, specialist tutoring company, TutorsPlus, has organized a series of mini-courses for students during the Christmas holidays.

editing in english 2

If you have an ongoing project which requires a high level of English that you don’t feel confident to manage yourself, then Lanita Kwankam may be just the person to help you!

Highly qualified teacher

Having worked for 38 years as a university-qualified teacher in international schools and ESL/EFL programs, Lanita has decided to set herself up as an editor of English texts, working remotely from home. She told knowitall.ch,

“Throughout my teaching career, I have worked with students aged 3 years to adult. Along with English and ESL/EFL, I have also taught various other subjects (literature, creative writing, history, math, science, etc.), either as a classroom teacher or a tutor.”

She continued, “During my life I have lived in six countries (on four continents and two islands) and traveled extensively in between. I believe that this, plus my experience teaching at International Schools and ESL/EFL programs, has developed in me an appreciation for different cultures as well as an enjoyment of working with people from many different backgrounds.”

KSI Sophrology Talk 500

Do you want to try something different? Meet new people? KSI Morges invites you to come along and try something new at their recently launched free monthly events!

This bilingual primary school in Morges for children aged 3 to 12 years is opening its doors one evening each month, offering a series of seminars and events for adults. The school welcomes both parents and community members to come and enjoy interesting talks from various guest speakers.  

A schedule of these events is available at www.ksi-morges.com/events.

Events are free of charge and include health and wellness seminars, book talks, workshops, and even wine tasting sessions! Get to know people living in your area, extend your social and professional networks, and pick up some new skills and knowledge along the way. The next workshop in their montly schedule is:

  • Free Yourself From Stress by Dorna Revie
    Learn the concepts of Sophrology, a physical and mental stress relief technique which can bring busy people some inner peace. This complimentary workshop, hosted by a leading wellness practitioner, will take place on Wednesday 22 November at 18h30 - 20h30. Click here for more information and to register.