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Brillantmont International School Lausanne, Switzerland celebrates its 135th anniversary.

Brillantmont International School in Lausanne, Switzerland, recently welcomed back over a hundred alumni to celebrate its 135th anniversary. The oldest had studied at the school nearly 70 years ago, whilst the youngest left very recently. Yet, they all hold the school in great affection and happily mingled, sharing memories and anecdotes over a delicious raclette lunch in Brillantmont’s beautiful gardens.

In 1882, Brillantmont was founded by the great-grandparents of the current owners, the Frei family. The school is the only Swiss boarding school which has belonged to the same family for five generations. At Brillantmont, the sense of family is felt at every level: amongst the school Board, the Direction and the staff, many of whom have been at the school for ten, twenty or even thirty years or more, but above all, the sense of family is felt amongst the 130-strong student community.

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The Institut International de Lancy (IIL) is extending its existing curricula with the launch of a new syllabus for the 2017/2018 academic year which will provide fully bilingual instruction in English and French by immersion.

In order to meet the increasing demand for language skills from an early age, the bilingual class will open in September 2017 to children from 3 years old, with a full-time teacher for each language. This new concept, reinforced through the use of efficient teaching tools, will allow children to access the English and French curricula within the school, thus giving them the full benefits of a sound international education.

Outlining the new programme to knowitall.ch, IIL Director General, Norbert Foerster, who is also the President of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools, said, "In this age of globalisation and advancement of information technologies, multilingualism is a key asset for future adults, throughout the world. Whilst the acquisition of several languages from an early age has a positive influence on cognitive growth, it also broadens a child’s perception and leads to a greater understanding of society and foreign cultures."

Two first languages
The English-French bilingual class for 3 year olds represents an ambitious educational approach, which complements the Institut International de Lancy curriculum. It promotes the development and acquisition of language skills at native level in both English and French.

The new programme provides a comprehensive approach to language teaching encompassing emotive and cultural aspects, as well as the individual learning needs of each child. Through immersion, daily routines for the children will become fully bilingual, paving the way to personal and social fulfilment.

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Founded in 1905 by the Congregation of Catholic Missionaries of Saint Francois de Sales, Institut Florimont is a modern international school located in Petit-Lancy, offering a balanced 21st century education for around 1500 students from 50 different nationalities.

Under secular management since 1995, the school provides a moral and spiritual education which draws inspiration from its Christian heritage and now welcomes students from many diverse cultures and religions.  

With a strong focus on language learning and a bilingual programme that starts from the age of 11, the school is accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) and Cambridge International Examinations. It is a founder member of the AGEP Geneva Association of Private Schools (the school headmaster, Sean Power, is the current President of AGEP) and is a member of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools.

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A new education consulting company has been set up in Geneva which aims to make learning enjoyable and fulfilling for its students!

Founded by Ursula Durand and David Wahl, Scientia Education provides tutoring and academic advising services that are tailored to the individual needs of each student, ranging from school-age kids, through to university students, and even their parents!

Ursula and David have developed an approach to education, based on their own educational journeys, which they believe can help guide students through theirs. Throughout their careers, they have worked in: international and state secondary schools; US and UK universities; natural and social sciences; public and private institutions; and both academic and corporate professions. As each of these settings has presented its own challenges, they have found that their ability to overcome these challenges consistently rested on their skills, curiosity and confidence -  which is central to their approach to students’ learning.

Describing this approach to knowitall.ch, Ursula told us, “We aim to develop these elements in our students - not just simply raise their grades or test scores. Having taught and learnt in many different contexts, we appreciate that learning is not a clear-cut process, but a complex one with several factors and interactions. Our instructors assess the learning process of each of their students and write a lesson plan tailored to their goals, abilities and learning styles. This assessment is systematic: students are continuously evaluated and lessons are modified accordingly - even a minor change can have a significant impact on a student's progress.  Our personalized approach both challenges and motivates students. Ultimately, we believe it prepares them to make the most of their university experience and to face a wide array of academic, professional and even personal challenges.”


Special meeting on the local public school system in the Canton of Vaud this Monday, 8 May!

Do you have children approaching school age and wonder how they might fare in the local public school system?  Are you contemplating a school move for your kids from the private to public sector? Or do you already have children in the system and simply need help to understand how it works, and get the most out of it for your kids?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then the chances are that you could benefit from the services of Ready Steady Lausanne. Set up in 2011, this educational consultancy provides a variety of support for parents, either through private one-on-one sessions, or more general public seminars.

Why the need for a new educational consultancy?

Asked what inspired her to set up the new consultancy in Lausanne, co-founder, Tracey Keenan, told knowitall.ch,

“I initially set up a settling-in service when I was based in Zürich in 2005, targeting both the private and the corporate client. I wanted to assist expat families with settling-in, once they had arrived and unpacked everything, as I felt there was a gap in the market. I held public seminars, private consultations and went into companies to deliver seminars and presentations.”