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missdaisy flowers

Learn how to make your own floral masterpiece with a 10% discount off a Miss Daisy workshop

If you’re one of those people that loves adorning your home with beautiful, fresh and colorful flowers, then Miss Daisy is definitely the place for you!

Miss Daisy Fresh Dutch Flowers provides bouquet subscriptions and flower arrangements for both private and corporate clients between Geneva and Lausanne.   With each subscription, clients can pay for at least five bouquets in advance with  a choice of weekly, two-weekly or monthly delivery. Bouquets are delivered for free within about a 10km radius of Céligny, and clients have the flexibility to pause or cancel a delivery at any time, or even have their next bouquet delivered to a friend’s house for a change!

Miss Daisy also provide workshops in which participants learn how to make special arrangements with flowers and other materials.

80maps 5

Meet the author at Living in Nyon’s special book launch on Tuesday 10 November 2015.

If you’ve lived in or near to Switzerland for any period of time, you will have probably traveled through the country by many different means: by car; on foot; by boat, by train; and maybe even plane. Each kind of journey provides a different insight into this fascinating country and it is with this in mind that local English author, Diccon Bewes, has created a new kind of journey through Switzerland, one conducted via maps!

In his new book, Around Switzerland in 80 Maps, Diccon offers readers a magical history tour, which illuminates the past and present using maps as a guide.  Diccon told knowitall.ch, “Maps can be decorative or informative, revealing geography or history, or indeed all of those things – in fact they are the perfect pictorial way to explain and entertain!”

Beni Meier and his 2015 world record-breaking pumpkin 04-10-2015     © Keystone

OK, we don't expect you to find one this big! The 2015 Swiss record for the largest pumpkin weighing in at 750kg is presented in the above photo by the tiny head peaking out from the back! The farmer responsible for this beast is again Beni Meier, from Zurich, who was unable to beat his own record for a pumpkin weighing 1,054kg which was unfortunately disqualified for having a hole in 2014. The heat wave this summer prevented the pumpkins from gaining more weight.

If you love the colors and selections of pumpkins that are avaiable today, then wait no longer! You can buy a great assortment and even make it to a festival as well. Most restaurants will be serving pumpkin soup around this time of year but see bottom of page for Lisa's recipe. 

GIDbracelets 500

Following the huge success of their Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign, announced recently on knowitall.ch, local entrepreneurs Barbara Traulsen and Selene Folkesson are offering knowitall.ch readers the chance to win free “neon” versions of their popular multi-functional straps, called Brappz.

The straps will make the perfect fashion accessory for any one attending Paleo this week, not just as colorful, designer bra-straps but also as stylish additions to your hair, designer bracelets around your wrist, or even trendy laces in your shoes!

The sets, which will include both luminous, silicone-based straps and 2-way detachable hooks, will be given to the first 5 knowitall.ch readers who send an email with their full name and address to Brappz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., including “Know-it-all passport & Brappz” in the subject line.

audreysoie3 new2

Audrey Soie is a young and rapidly developing French brand specializing in high quality accessories and garments made of natural materials.  Despite being relatively new on the market, the brand has already got a huge fan base amongst the French and Swiss, and is renowned for using original color palettes and rich patterns suitable for all occasions.

At the heart of the Audrey Soie Haute Couture collection is an exquisite line of silk scarves.  Founder, Audrey Soie, paints her designs by hand and then prints them on high quality silk using sophisticated serigraphy technology. Each scarf from her collection is a unique piece of art. Audrey uses 100% pure silk satin which makes her scarves softer and smoother then twill scarves, which you will often find for sale in the shops around here.

To attract new customers for her silk scarf range, Audrey is offering knowitall.ch readers an incredible 50% off all silk scarves purchased through her website. Just use the promotional code LOVEKNOWITALL when placing your booking on the website, to receive your discount.  This offer is valid until 30 June, 2015.