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Can you tell the difference between mozzarella that was hand-made this morning and a ball of the mass-produced type? Expand your culinary knowledge by trying out some of the cheese, made fresh every morning at Casa Mozzarella, a shop opened less than one year ago near Plainpalais, Geneva! Read to the end of this article to find the answer to our competition question and maybe win a voucher for Fr. 100.- to buy whatever you want from Casa Mozzarella!

Fabio Magno and Angelo Albrizio decided to bring Italy to Geneva in its most delicious form: mozzarella made entirely from local Geneva milk! They are both from Puglia, Italy, where mozzarella is famed to originate, and now live in Geneva. The opening of their shop took time in preparing. They found an Italian cheese-maker who comes from a long line of cheese-makers, Nicola Antonicelli, who was delighted to participate in this concept.

Every morning before dawn a trip is made to the Laiteries Réunies de Genève. Nicola follows in his father’s footsteps and takes the 300-400 liters of fresh milk  and lovingly cooks, stirs, cuts, sieves, and stretches the curds to make 30-50 kilos of balls of fior di latte — the official name for mozzarella made from cow’s milk.

bbq1Test your cooking skills in the 2011 Swiss BBQ Competition

With the fine weather we’ve been enjoying recently, many of you will have dusted down your barbecues and seized the opportunity to invite family and friends over for that great outdoors dining experience.

If you’re one of those great barbecuers, who grills to perfection, and has the reputation for producing great marinades and sauces, then you may like to try your luck in the next 2011 Suisse BBQ Championship.  Organized by the Suisse Barbecue Association, the competition will take place this year at the beginning of June, at the lakeside in Nyon.

To enter the competition, all you need to do is get together a team of fellow barbecuers and submit your application via the competition website (www.swissbbq2011.ch/BBQ/page/main_en.php) by 30 May 2011.  The lucky winners will receive Fr. 3000.-, plus a trip to the World Championship!  

falaque448A 10% discount for knowitall.ch customers on your first order!

If you’re looking for a change from your usual Friday night routine, why not order a special Bengali “Friday Night Dinner” from local caterers, Falaque.

For just Fr. 25.- per person (with a minimum of 2 orders) you can order a delicious four-course set dinner, including popular favorites such as chicken korma, fish kebab, vegetable samosas or lamb rezala.   The format for all menus is the same: three Indian dishes followed by a fourth dessert dish which is often “western” in nature and includes great classics such as tiramisu, carrot cake, cheese cake, and chocolate brownies!

To place your order, just visit the website at www.falaque.com and choose from a range of menus offered on separate Fridays throughout the current month.  To ensure the best quality food, all orders must be placed by 6pm on the Thursday before.   


Are you tired of cooking the same old meals and need some new ideas for Summer?  Or do you simply fancy meeting some new people over some fine food and a glass of wine? If so, then you might like to book yourself a place on one of Helen Higgins’ Cooking Demonstrations –  a new series of courses launched this Spring and already reputed to be a great success!

Over three sessions, Helen will show you how to refresh and rejuvenate your menus, by demonstrating how to prepare a range of dishes using easily obtainable ingredients and simple-to-follow techniques.   

The format is very simple – you arrive at 11.30am with your fellow course mates (up to a maximum of 6), and sit at the bar of Helen’s wonderful, light and airy kitchen whilst she shows you how to prepare the dishes and answers all you questions.  Some of the less interesting preparation such as washing and chopping vegetables is completed before you arrive.

When the meal is ready (usually a 3 course dinner) at around 12.45pm, you are invited to sit down at Helen’s beautifully decorated table and enjoy the fruits of her labor, washed down with a delicious glass of wine!  After coffee and dessert, everyone leaves at 2.30pm with copies of the recipes.

fish2Explaining why she decided to set up the new course, Helen says, “Whilst I am a lawyer by profession, I have always been passionate about food and entertaining.  I love trying new recipes and experimenting with my own creations, so when we recently renovated our kitchen I couldn’t wait to show it off to my friends and try out a few favorite recipes on them.  They soon convinced me that I should start sharing these recipes with others! I have already received great feedback from my first series of courses, with people telling me that they have tried the recipes and they really do work!”

By Lisa Cirieco-Ohlman

I know it is only April and we shouldn’t be thinking of cool drinks and pools yet, but with the weather so warm at the moment (it has been up to 24C already) I am definitely in the mood for a good smoothie!


Don’t know what a smoothie is? A blended drink made up of fruits and ice. Some people put natural yogurt in it, others milk or juice to liquify it more, and gourmets might throw in a ball of ice-cream to make it even richer. I have heard of some where they put wheat protein and other yucky substances but that is not going to make it into this article. See later in this article for a local joint where they serve smoothies.


If you have a blender with a rotating blade, then you are in business. Here is a quick recipe for 2 people: