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Composting at home is one of the many ways people can focus on other activities while at home. If you have ever considered recycling food waste at home, this is a great time to start.

One product that is now available in Switzerland is Hotbin. Do you face the challenge of food waste disposal? HOTBIN is a solution to significantly reduce this waste and make a positive impact along the way – creating healthy soil for the gardens, promoting community recycling and gardening, taking steps individually and collectively for our environment.

“The first summer using the Hotbin has been great! It has helped us greatly reduce the amount of grass clippings that we take to the communal composting. We are also composting 100% of kitchen scraps in it as well. Best of all, it will provide us with a steady supply of nutrient rich, organic compost with which we will fertilize our vegetable garden and flower beds. We are happy that the Hotbin is saving us money and reducing the number of trips to the store to pick up garden fertilizer.” Don, Bern

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A Hotbin in use in Vernier in March 2020; taking out liquid fertilizer— one of the great features of Hotbin.


The HOTBIN Composter has the ability to fundamentally impact and change the way we dispose of bio waste here in Switzerland. Essentially HOTBIN means less use of plastic bags, fewer trips to the recycling centres and less waste incinerated. For a small black box, the HOTBIN definitely has reach and impact.

How does HOTBIN work?

HOTBIN is a compact, wheelie-bin-sized insulated container that reaches hot composting temperatures of 40-60 degrees. Waste is fed into the top and compost removed via a hatch at the bottom in 90 days.

Waste contains bacteria which naturally heats up during its breakdown (there are no power sources or accelerators needed).

HOTBIN retains that natural heat with its thick insulating walls, accelerating the rate of decay to produce compost fast. The heat is maintained by regular feeding of waste, shredded paper to control moisture and wood chips for aeration. A great way to dispose of old documents, paper packaging and junk mail!

What is HOTBIN made from?

The HOTBIN is made from ARPRO® Expanded Polypropylene also known as “EPP”, the unique properties of which insulate the heat generated naturally by bacteria as it breaks the waste down inside.

This is a specialist, multi-use material that is very durable that also has tremendous insulation properties. ARPRO EPP offers high impact strength and is used extensively throughout the automotive industry, primarily in impact protection components such as car bumpers and children’s bicycle safety helmets.

Lightweight (96% air) the material has a high strength to weight ratio, is non-toxic, waterproof and 100% recyclable.

How much compost does HOTBIN produce annually?

Output depends upon each household’s usage and how often the bin is emptied.

On average each time the HOTBIN is emptied about 40% of the content is removed. Amounts generated are approximately:

  • HOTBIN Mini (100 liters) 40 liters/3 months, 160 liters annually
  • HOTBIN Mark2 (200 liters) 80liters/3 months, 320 liters annually

What is the difference between HOTBIN and other composters available in Switzerland?

Simply put: containment of heat and odors.

  • Heat: Other composters are primarily made of linked panels. This construction allows some loss of heat, particularly in winter temperatures, when these bins reflect the external ambient temperature. HOTBIN is a seamless bin and works like a chimney, consistently maintaining temperatures of between 40-60 degrees year-round.
  • Odors: The HOTBIN’s in-built bio-filter helps minimise all odors below nuisance level. Other composters do not have this filter. Odors are not only unpleasant but run the risk of attracting flies and vermin, who are drawn to the source of smells.

What are the differences between cold composting and hot composting?

  • Hot Composting will work all year round. Compost heaps are dormant during the winter, heating up again in spring when temperatures rise.
  • Hot composting can process a wider variety of waste (ie. Bones and meat).
  • Cold compost bins tend to be constructed with open vents, hatches and access, so they not only attract pests, but allow access to the heap and food waste, creating the infamous swarms of flies and possibly vermin nests.
  • HOTBIN composts 32 times faster than cold composting and reaches temperatures which kill off weed seeds, pathogens and fly larvae.

How easy is HOTBIN to install and where should we place it?

HOTBIN arrives ready to start composting. Simply remove it from the compostable cardboard box. With a solid base HOTBIN can stand on any flat surface, in sun or shade, on grass, paving or patio.

The slimline HOTBIN Mini fits easily in most small urban gardens.

What are the benefits of HOTBIN?

  • NO tumbling or turning
  • NO accelerators / power source
  • NO bad odors
  • NO trips to recycling centers (for biowaste)
  • Compost in 30-90 days
  • Kills weeds and seeds
  • Produces liquid fertilizer

Does HOTBIN reduce the amount of waste going to Incineration?

Absolutely. Recycling food waste in Switzerland is a troublesome process today due to the fact that households need to buy special plastic bags and dispose of it via communal bins which may require traveling distances and/or at specific times. Therefore, many households choose not to separate bio waste. Waste statistics show that food waste represents 30% of all general waste that is incinerated.

HOTBIN takes all food/green waste at home, no need to mix wastes, use more plastic bags, travel to recycling centres. HOTBIN removes the hassle-factor and saves money, creates a great compost, boosts recycling rates and reduces costs for the homeowner, communes and the Cantons.

HOTBIN Mini WithWaste

How much does it cost?

The HOTBIN comes in 2 sizes:

  • HOTBIN Mini (100 liters) Fr. 380.-
  • HOTBIN Mark 2 (200 liters) Fr. 450.-

Promotion going on till 30 April 2020

10% off normal price with code: GIARDINA2020. It is the promotion that was intended for the Giardina garden show and with that cancelled, promotion is open to all online. The HOTBIN price includes TVA and shipping within Switzerland.


Grow Your Own Award: Best New Product 2012
Great British Growing Awards: Best New Veg Growing Product - 3rd Place 2015
Great British Growing Awards: Most Effective Composting Product - Bronze 2016
Great Britain Growing Awards: Best Compost Making Product 2018
RHS Chelsea Flower Show: Product of the Year 2019