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The autoroute vignette, which is necessary for those who travel on any portion of the Swiss autoroute (highway/motorway), will be available at gas/petrol stations, shops, tabac/kiosks, border crossings, post offices, and other locations as of 1 December 2024. The price is once again Fr. 40.- for the calendar year, and you have until 31 January 2024 to display it on your windscreen. The 2023 is still valid until end of January as well. Once the first of February rolls around, anyone not displaying the 2024 vignette or have their vehicle registered online by the e-vignette will receive a fine of Fr. 200.-.

Drivers must remove expired stickers from the windshield to avoid obstructing visibility. Kits with a scraper are sold separately or with the vignette to help remove the old stickers. The best time to remove them is when the weather is cold so the glue doesn't stay on the windscreen. However, if some glue remains, just cover with the new vignette.


Introduction of the electronic vignette

The electronic vignette was in function since August 2023. The e-vignette will not replace the current sticker, says the Office fédéral de la douane et de la sécurité des frontières (OFDF). The two models can both be used. The e-vignette will be available through this website as well as many others from 1 December 2023. But check that the price does not exceed the recommended price of Fr. 40.- as we have noticed extra fees (up to Fr. 55.-) on some sites.

When you register your car's number plate into the system, the e-vignette is valid for that vehicle.


Discounted vignette price

Take advantage of the first days of December to buy discounted vignettes at certain supermarkets while stocks last:

  • Aldi: If you buy Fr. 100.- worth of goods from Aldi on 1 December 2023, you can purchase the vignette for only Fr. 20.-. This is NOT valid on purchases of spirits (hard alcohol), mixed alcoholic beverages, autoroute vignettes, anything bought through the online shop, gift and prepaid cards, cell phone offers, and taxed garbage bags.
  • Lidl: If you buy Fr. 70.- worth of goods only on 1-2 December 2023 and have the Lidl Plus App, you can buy the vignette for only Fr. 24.90 (without the App it is Fr. 29.90). This is NOT valid on purchases of spirits (hard alcohol), mixed alcoholic beverages, infant formula, firecrackers and fireworks, tobacco, trash bag stickers, travel, gift and prepaid cards, cell phone offers, taxed garbage bags, and hot beverage dispenser products. Not cumulative.
  • Denner: If you buy Fr. 100.- worth of goods from Denner, you can purchase the vignette for only Fr. 35.-. instead of Fr. 40.- while stocks last. This is NOT valid on purchases of spirits (hard alcohol), online wine purchases, Bordeaux 2019 and 2020, tobacco products, autoroute vignettes, taxed garbage bags, etc. However, wine counts! So stock up on a couple cases of wine for the holidays and take advantage of this deal. 

Read below more information supplied by the Swiss Customs Website about the vignette protocol and validity.

Where do I have to affix the motorway charge sticker?
Affix the motorway charge sticker directly to the vehicle as follows:

  • In the case of motor vehicles, on the inside of the windscreen; do not mount the motorway charge sticker in the tinted section.
  • In the case of motor vehicles without windscreens, trailers and motorbikes, on an easily accessible and non-removable part.

Upon entry into Switzerland, can I use the motorway up until the first exit without a motorway tax sticker?
No. In order to ensure equal treatment, the motorway tax has to be paid in any event, regardless of the distance travelled.

Can the motorway charge sticker be transferred in the event of a change of car?
No. It is forbidden to peel off motorway charge stickers and transfer them to other vehicles. Detached motorway charge stickers are invalid.

I drive two vehicles with an interchangeable number plate. Do I require a motorway charge sticker for each vehicle?
Yes, both vehicles require a motorway charge sticker.

I will be visiting Switzerland only once this year. Do I nevertheless have to buy an annual motorway charge sticker?
Yes. At present, no motorway charge stickers are issued for shorter periods of time. Unlike other European countries, Switzerland has only an annual charge.

Will the motorway charge sticker be replaced in the event of a broken windscreen?
Yes. The motorway charge sticker will be replaced free of charge in the event of a windscreen replacement. In the case of foreign vehicles, customs offices issue a new motorway charge sticker upon presentation of the old motorway charge sticker (even if it is torn) and the invoice for the replacement windscreen.

A replacement sticker is organized by the insurance company in the case of Swiss vehicles.