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A new health and well-being center has opened between Geneva and Lausanne, offering a wide range of services for the expat and local communities of the Terre-Sainte region.  Called Health Quota, the new center is conveniently located near to the Mies station, in a large, airy space, which provides a cross-functional approach to physical, mental and nutritional well-being.

Building on the success of its 4-year-old CrossFit Terre Sainte core gym business, the newly rebranded Health Quota center is the brain-child of three local women, Rebecca Bar-Tur, Mandy Thomas, and Melodie Mazur.  With a common vision to help people embrace healthy and happy lives, the three women have embarked on a mission of broadening the appeal of the center to include a much wider range of services such as yoga, Pilates, stretching, running, and other specialized exercise classes as well as beauty, massage and life services.

HQ Team
From left to right: Mandy Thomas, Suzi Kaufman, Melodie Mazur and Rebecca Bar-Tur

Rebecca is an ex-Wall Streeter and outdoor enthusiast from the US who discovered CrossFit after her third pregnancy.  She was afraid to try CrossFit because she was coming off 6 months of bed-rest and was afraid it’d be too much.  3 years later she bought the business and has worked tirelessly over the past year to build Health Quota into a health and wellness destination. Mandy is a yogi from the UK with a background in social work and team building.  After a lifetime of yoga practice, she became a teacher – so she could share her passion with others.   Melodie grew up in Switzerland, and was one of the original founders of the gym.  She is also a lawyer and backbone of HQ’s operations.

Rebecca told knowitall.ch, “We came together and set this business up because it is our passion.  We love to create; we love to see people invest in themselves and to experience the friendships and love that others offer.  Rarely do people come to HQ, workout and leave.  It’s not that kind of place.  People come, they meet new people and friendships are formed that go beyond the class.”

HQ CrossFit2

6 health and well-being services

At the time of writing, Health Quota offers 6 main services to its members:

  • GymHQ:  The most established business in Health Quota’s portfolio of services, GymHQ is a gym that offers CrossFit and other high-intensity interval training type workouts in a coached environment.  Classes are limited to no more than 12 athletes at a time and are always taught by certified CrossFit coaches.  1-hour long classes start at 6h, end as late as 20h30h and are offered 7 days a week. Every class is scalable to all levels. The workouts change daily.

  • StudioHQ:  This includes yoga and Pilates, as well as stretching, to work the body and breath and find a moment of peace for the mind.  Early morning and late evening classes are possible.  The Yoga menu is varied and growing all the time – they currently have instructors that focus on Dynamic Flow, Hatha, Power, Back, Yin and various other specialized yoga offerings.  Classes are limited to 14 people max.

  • BeautyHQ:  Here you can book manicures, pedicures, callus peels, waxing, spray tanning, and various other services.  These are normally available Monday to Friday 8h – 17h, but you can also book appointments outside of these hours as well.  The center has just started working with CND Vinylux nail polish, which dries almost instantly and lasts 7 days! The beautician is English-speaking and works in a casual and relaxed Beauty environment.

HQ Beauty
© Richard Powles-Brown

  • NextGenHQ:  There are several kid/teen certified coaches on staff, offering a program that caters to both active/sporty and traditionally non-sporty youths.  Kids love the variety and challenge of the program and benefit in terms of strength, coordination, mobility and confidence.   

  • MassageHQ: Mandy and Rebecca have spent months personally selecting some of the best masseuses in the area.  Massages can be booked for 60mins or 90mins, Monday to Friday. Some of the most popular massage types are therapeutic, reflexology, pressure point and cranial-sacral.

  • LifeHQ: This part of Health Quota includes various services targeted at improving your life in general. There are nutritionists that are available for 1-1 coaching or who have developed multi-week programs that help eating habits evolve and/or kick-start a healthier lifestyle.  There are also life coaches and sophrologists who offer customized programs. In January, the center will combine their Nutrition and Gym/Studio offerings into a multi-week program, with a pro-active focus on healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and getting control and energy back into your life.   

HQ NextGen
© Richard Powles-Brown

What makes Health Quota so special?

Asked what makes Health Quota so special compared to the numerous other health and fitness centers in this region, Mandy told us,

“There are few establishments that offer the functional offering that we offer – i.e. a place to workout, pamper and invest in yourself.  As we evolve, we expect to develop more and more broad offerings that link our services together in unique and interesting ways.”

She continued, “On top of that, we offer a community of like-minded expats and locals that are incredibly open to building relationships and friendships.  Here you can tap into any number of people that will offer both local and international advice.  What are the best ski areas in the region for families?  Where’s the best summer holiday spot for October vacations?  That kind of thing…”

Melodie chipped in, “Not only that – the community is truly here to help!  A few years ago, one new member had a mover deposit hundreds of kilos of household items at the edge of her rather long driveway, refusing to bring them into the house.  One phone call and 30 minutes later, she had 4 strong gym goers helping to carry all of her beloved belongings into the house.  They got a workout and her cherished items weren’t rained on that night.  That’s who we are…!”

HQ NextGen2
© Richard Powles-Brown

If you’re aged between 6 and 99, and want to meet like-minded people living somewhere in the vicinity of the Terre-Sainte region, then why not head down to the new Health Quota center in Mies. Don’t be afraid of the scary CrossFit equipment as you enter - you will be sure to find something to meet your needs, even if it’s just a friendly chat as you have a manicure!  

All potential new members are welcome to have a free trial in one of the gym classes as well as the studio.  Just head to the Health Quota website and click on the “BOOK FREE TRIAL” button on the home page to choose from literally hundreds of different classes at varying levels.   

If you think you might be interested in joining Health Quota, there are numerous membership packages in place, including 3-, 6- or 12-month options for either or both of the gym and studio classes, as well as Pay-As-You-Go packages for 1 or 11 classes. There are also special reductions for Teens and Kids, who want to pay just for a term or school year. 

discount button150newExciting offers from HQ! 
Health Quota has 4 limited-time specials available for knowitall.ch readers during the month of January and into February.

  • 99CHF UnlimitedHQ:  For just 99CHF, you can take as many classes as you like in both the gym and the studio.  Jumpstart your fitness in 2017 and take advantage of CrossFit, Weightlifting, Running, Gymnastics, Yoga, Pilates and Stretching to your heart’s content.  Offer must be bought in January, first visit must commence in January and the offer is good for 30 days from first visit.  

  • 50% off all Beauty treatments during the months of January and February:  Don’t let the grey skies and cold weather get you down!  We have the perfect anecdote with Lycon waxing services, full-body scrubs, luxury spray tans and fabulous mani/pedis!  An afternoon with us is the perfect mini-vacation!

  • Feel Fab in Five: A 5-week healthy body-mind kick-starter program to get your life back on track. Focus on how you FEEL, LOOK, LIVE, THINK and MAKE HEALTH EASY. Learn how to eat for health and weight loss, de-clutter your life of destructive habits and take control of your healthy life to reach your goals.   FFi5 starts January 18th; Wednesdays from 10:30-12:00h.  Standalone price is 299CHF;  249CHF for members.

  • Feel Fab in Five+:  Participate in the Feel Fab in Five program AND sign-up for UnlimitedHQ and we promise the best start to any New Year you’ve ever had…   This program offers a truly holistic opportunity to strengthen and heal your mind, body and spirit in a loving and supportive community.   348CHF for both.

Health Quota
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