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ESCA Paddle for CancerSupport, first launched in 2007, is an annual cancer awareness and fundraising event and brings together both the local and international communities to work together to help cancer patients and their loved ones directly. Cancer awareness is vital and can bring hope to what seems like an insurmountable challenge. The more that people are aware of cancer risks, the more likely they are to seek early screening, such as colonoscopies and mammograms. Early detection of cancer can dramatically increase survival rates. Awareness can also encourage people to adopt healthier lifestyles, reducing their chances of getting cancer.

Ramona Azarnia got involved in early 2018, "I decided to do volunteer work in the Geneva area and chose ESCA CancerSupport as I am acutely aware of the impact of cancer since witnessing a dear friend battle it. As I was searching for charitable causes, I came across ESCA CancerSupport. I admire and respect the people who have created this organization and are passionate to provide support to those who need and want it."

Benefits of getting involved
The main fundraising event for this assocation is the Paddle for CancerSupport Dragon Boat Festival. The money donated by each team goes directly towards supporting ESCA CS’s mission:

  • support clients who are undergoing the rigors of cancer treatment by professional counselling and trained peer support volunteers
  • offer help to patients’ loved ones
  • assist those in bereavement
  • provide information and resources
  • increase awareness by staffing stalls, giving talks, and representing ESCA CS at various community events

What people can expect on the actual day
Ramona explains, "People start arriving at L’Abbaye on Lac de Joux around 8h. Free parking is organized around the site. There will be tents and tables already set up. Depending on the weather, each team decides where to congregate together. They use the space for changing, eating, hanging out. The team captain will pick up the registration pack which will show the races times for the team. Each team will race 3 times that day. The top 8 corporate teams and the top 4 open teams (based on their best times) will participate in the final 4th race which establishes the top 3 winners per category.

"The average time for a race is 2 minutes. There is usually 60-90 minutes between each race. There are food and beverage stands on site. The children’s mini dragon boat races happen in parallel and, of course, kiddieland is active all day. The day finishes around 17h with the awards ceremony for the top 3 winners in each category plus the fundraising challenge cup winner. Each team is encouraged to do fundraising in addition to covering the cost of entry. The team that raises the most will be the winner of the coveted challenge cup."

There are 3 types of teams that race with a trophy winner for each category:

  • Mixed Gender Open
  • All Female
  • Corporate (mixed gender)

The requirements for Mixed Gender teams are:

  • A minimum number of 4 female paddlers in each race
  • Team members must be 15 years of age or older
  • Teams consist of up to 20 members (16 paddlers, 1 drummer, and up to 3 substitutes)

Examples of Mixed Gender teams include: Breast cancer support teams, University or high school student groups, clubs, friends..
The All-Female team requirements are same as above except that ALL team members must be female.
The registration cost for Corporate teams is Fr. 5,000.- and for Mixed Gender and All Female teams is Fr. 2,000 for a team.


Great day out for families
Mini Dragon Boat races are organized for children age 8-15. Crews of 6 children in a dinghy paddling like a dragon boat (adults steer the boat). Registration for mini dragon boat is also done in advance. Single children may enter but priority will be given to teams of 6 entering in advance. Racing starts around 10h and finishes around 15h.

There is an entire separate corner of the area secured for children’s Kiddieland with Crafts Corner, Candy Floss machine, magic shows, puppet shows, face painting, bouncy castle. While parents are paddling the children are happily entertained.

Mini Dragon Boat races and Kiddieland are free of charge.

ESCA Paddle for CancerSupport
1 September 2019
L’Abbaye on Lac de Joux
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Official registration opened on March 1st and the teams can register any time until May 2019.

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