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©MHS exposition 2023 Par la Force des Choses

Catching your feet in the carpet, losing your balance, trying to catch yourself and, finally, falling and rolling on the floor. It's probably happened to you. But do you know what causes it, apart from clumsiness? Well, a physical phenomenon that's omnipresent in our lives: the force of gravity.

How can we explain the cause of falling bodies? Our understanding of gravity has evolved since Antiquity, under the guidance of the great names in the history of science, from Aristotle to Einstein. These scientists have accompanied their thinking with famous experiments: Galileo and his inclined plane, Newton and his apple, Foucault and his pendulum, and it's through these that the exhibition invites you to explore.

The exhibition offers visitors the chance to explore the history of gravitation through the notion of force: a force applied to an object causes it to react.

Visitors are invited to engage in a fascinating interaction between movement and illustrative models. Inclined planes, pendulums, gyroscopes and spinning tops are at the heart of the exhibition, illustrating the forces that make people fall, turn or roll.

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©MHS exposition 2023 Par la Force des Choses

There's nothing like interactive elements: inclined planes, pendulums, gyroscopes and other spinning tops to illustrate the forces that make people fall, turn or roll... in a word, to understand a phenomenon and have a good time with science!

Temporary exhibition: Par la Force des Choses
31 May 2023 to 2 March 2025

Bilingual French/English exhibition
Free entrance
Suitable for ages 4 and up

Parc de La Perle du Lac
128, rue de Lausanne
1202 Genève
022 418 50 60

The Museum is open every day EXCEPT: Tuesdays, Christmas Day (December 25) and New Year's Day (January 1)
Open 10h-17h.
On 24 and 31 December, the Museum closes at 16h.

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©MHS exposition 2023 Par la Force des Choses