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Théâtre de Carouge ©David Wagnières

The newly renovated premises of the Théâtre de Carouge is now open for visits every first Saturday of the month at 11h (1 October 2022 is the next one). It’s free, just reserve in advance at this link. They will show you around every nook and cranny. Planned with the City of Carouge, the architect François Jolliet and the team of the Lausanne firm PONT12 architects, as well as all the various partners, the Théâtre de Carouge is proud of how this has turned out.

Olga Timofeeva, explains to us, "Accompanied by some members of our team, you will walk through the corridors, the foyer, the workshops, as well as the administration. The simplified spaces of the small hall and the rehearsal room located on 3,500 m2 will wow you. The large hall of 460 seats has really boosted what we had before."

The visits are free and take place from 11h-12h30.

Don't forget that The Théâtre de Carouge also hosts these upcoming shows with surtitles in English:

The Imaginary Invalid
By Molière, Directed by Jean Liermier Reprise
22 November through 18 December 2022
Main Auditorium
Duration: 1h50 for ages 12 and up
Surtitled FR/EN: 27, 29 November, 1 December 2022
Argan, a wealthy widower, takes medicine upon medicine, purgative after purgative, bleedings, leechings, enemas, and every other remedy under the sun to treat the indefinable, undiagnosable, incurable illness that occupies his every waking moment. His new wife, Béline, patiently awaits his demise so she may inherit his fortune. His daughter Angélique wants to marry her lover Cléante, much to the chagrin of Argan, who means to marry her to Thomas Diafoirus, a doctor... With so many competing interests, so many hidden agendas, it’s no wonder Argan has to play dead in order to learn the truth!

Waiting for Godot
by Samuel Beckett, Directed by Alain Françon
17-29 January 2023
Main Auditorium
Duration: 2h (Tbc) Ages 12 and Up
Surtitled FR/EN: 26, 28 January 2023
The crème de la crème of experimental theatre!
Two vagabonds, Estragon and Vladimir, are waiting for Godot. Or anyone who can get them out of the mess they’ve got themselves into. But Godot doesn’t come. He never comes. Perhaps he doesn’t even exist...This gallery of rogues in full existential crisis will have you laughing and crying in sympathy at the searing truth of their discussions.
Produced by: Théâtre des nuages de neige Co-produced by: Les Nuits de Fourvière
Premiered at the Nuits de Fourvière in Lyon on 16 June 2022"

The Rules of the Game
By Jean Renoir
Adapted from Musset and Beaumarchais, Directed by Robert Sandoz
24 January through 10 March 2023
No performances from 20-27 February 2023
Small Auditorium
Duration 1h40 (Tbc) Ages 12 And Up
Surtitled FR/EN: 14, 16, 19 February 2023
Aviator André Jurieux, a great admirer of Lindbergh, has crossed the Atlantic in his single-seater plane to prove his love to Christine. Given a hero’s welcome at the airport, he searches in vain for his lover’s face in the crowd. Heartbroken by her absence, André attempts to take his own life. His friend Octave succeeds in getting him invited to take part in the hunt on the de La Chesnaye estate, which happens to belong to the family of none other than his beloved Christine.
Premieres at Théâtre de Carouge on 24 January 2023

No Trifling with Love
by Alfred de Musset, Directed by Jean Liermier
28 February through 26 March 2023
Main Auditorium
Duration: 2h (Tbc) Ages 12 and up
Surtitled FR/EN: 16, 19, 23 March 2023
Perdican and Camille spend their tender youth together in a chateau. In adolescence, they go their separate ways; Perdican to study and Camille to a convent. Their days of innocence now behind them, life conspires to bring them face to face once more. Camille prefers to devote her life to God rather than risk being hurt by Perdican. Fuelled by pride and vanity, they wage war against one another, and their cruelty will lead one innocent soul to its demise.
Produced by Théâtre de Carouge
Premieres at Théâtre de Carouge, 28 February 2023

A Doll’s House
by Henrik Ibsen, Directed by Anne Schwaller
5 April through 14 May 2023
Main Auditorium
Duration: 1h45 (Tbc) Ages 12 and Up
Surtitled FR/EN: 6, 9, 11 May 2023
Nora is a woman who fights - to be happy, to be herself, to love her husband and be loved by him, beyond the conventions of her time. She fights to align her deepest human desires with the role that has been assigned to her, to surpass the poignancy and the monotony of a thoroughly structured life. A Doll’s House tells the story of a young woman and, through her, the tale of an entire society in flux.
Premieres at Théâtre de Carouge, 25 April 2023"


Théâtre de Carouge ©David Wagnières

Théâtre de Carouge
Rue Ancienne 37A
1227 Carouge

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