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The following photos show the winners for the AMATEUR PHOTO COMPETITION FOR 11th edition of KNOW-IT-ALL PASSPORT®.

With nearly 100 entries, there was a fantastic choice. Each winner has a full-page photo used as a section divider as shown below and we used mini versions of the pages on one of the first pages of the book! 

Each of the winners will be invited to see the 11th edition of Know-it-all passport® on press at l'Imprimerie Nationale Rochat Baumann in Geneva soon - more details to follow. Winners will also each receive 2 copies of the edition hot-off-the-press end of August this year.


miniYour Home Kevin Keen copy

Kevin Keen

miniTravel Sandor Szabados copy

Sandor Szabados

miniFood Julia Clark copy

Julia Clark

miniLeisure Hon Ng copy

Hon Ng

miniEducation and Work Barbara Steele copy

Barbara Steele

miniFamily Nicki Shadwell copy

Nicki Shadwell

miniShopping Laura Jeffreys copy

Laura Jeffreys

miniInformation Kiah Williams copy

Kiah Williams