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photocomp 2016 copy

The following photos show the winners and runners-up for the AMATEUR PHOTO COMPETITION FOR KNOW-IT-ALL PASSPORT® 2017/2018.

With around 250 entries, there was a fantastic choice. Each winner has a full-page photo used as a section divider as shown below and we dedicated one page to the runners-up as well! The first section shows the winners, and the second shows the runners-up simulated in a page layout.

Click on each of the photos to see an enlarged view.

Each of the winners and runners-up will be invited to see Know-it-all passport® 2017/2018 on press at l'Imprimerie Nationale Rochat Baumann in Geneva soon - more details to follow! Winners and runners-up will also each receive 2 copies of the 10th edition hot-off-the-press end of August this year.


yourhome winner copy travel winner copy
food winner copy leisure winner copy
education winner copy family winner copy
shopping winner copy information winner copy
contributors winner copy  



yourhome runner copy travel runner copy
food runner copy leisure runner copy
education runner copy family runner copy
shopping runner copy information runner copy
contributors runner copy