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Are you tired of baking the same old cakes when it comes to celebrating your children’s birthdays, or do you need to create something really special for an upcoming occasion?

If so, then take a look at what local enterprise bring BACK form has to offer on its website, www.bringbackform.ch: literally hundreds of different moulds for creating cakes in all different shapes and sizes.

Available for rental at just Fr. 9.- per mould plus shipping, the moulds are provided in several different themes: famous characters (e.g. Harry Potter and Garfield,) animals (e.g. dinosaurs and horses), sport (e.g. football and golf), people (e.g. astronauts and princesses),  nature (e.g. flowers and snowflakes), transport  (e.g. tractors and pirate boats), festive occasions (e.g. Christmas and Halloween), numbers, and miniatures as well as numerous other styles that are impossible to classify such as books, Noah’s ark, a mortar board, feet, guitars and even a pram!


The www.bringbackform.ch website is the brainchild of entrepreneur, Aline Kobel, who got the idea for the business when living in Canada, where there was a local store that rented cake pans.  She told knowitall.ch,

“At the time, I didn’t realize the potential of such a business. It was only when I became a mother a few years later and my son asked for a skull cake for his birthday that I remembered the store and thought that the idea may work over here in Switzerland too.”

So with a little experience in Marketing to help her on her way, Aline finally decided to set up her own business in Switzerland in 2003.  Since then she has grown the business to include many other baking items that are essential for creating colorful, unique cakes.  In addition to renting her cake moulds, it is also possible to buy baking spray, food coloring, colored sugar pens, cake decorations, marzipan, icing, and even cookery books!


Aline’s website includes lots of useful tips in French and German on how to decorate cakes that have been made using the moulds – although Aline tells us they are really easy to make.  “You can either make your own icing sugar with sugar powder and food coloring combined with water and add it to the cake (once it is cool) with a brush, or you can cover the entire cake with ready-made fondant icing, and then paint it with food coloring, much as you would paint a picture.  Sugar pens are great for drawing the lines and there are lots of decorations available for adding the final touches to your cake!”

To see some of the cakes that have been made using these moulds, and to access a wealth of information on how to make the cakes, including recipes and special tips and tricks, visit the bring BACK form website at: www.bringbackform.ch.

To view the full range of moulds available for rent as well as the additional cake products for sale, visit the e-shop at: www.bringbackform.ch/default.htm.

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