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Chic et Choc', the Rallye du Chocolat© is coming to Geneva on Saturday, October 2nd for its 7th edition; the first one took place in Geneva in 2015.

This year, 14 chocolate makers from Geneva will be present and will compete with each other on the theme "Grué and two flavors". If you have never heard the term grué, then don't worry... you are not the only one. It is the French word for cocoa nibs... the shells of the cocoa beans that are ground and sifted after processing the cocoa beans. It has a bitter flavor and a crunchy texture that adds a little "something" to chocolate recipes.

Gourmets of all ages are invited to stroll through the city and push open the doors of the chocolate shops to discover these cocoa treasures as well as the clues needed to reconstruct the mystery sentence that will allow them to participate in the contest. A contest will determine the winners who will receive chocolate gifts and the coveted "ChoConnaisseurs" diploma. The public is also invited to elect their favorite chocolatiers, while a jury of experts awards the Jury Prize to the best chocolatier of the Rally.

Lise Luka, the organizer of this festival, explains, "Gone are the days of gloom and doom, replaced by good humor and delight. Originally we created this rallye to celebrate World Cocoa and Chocolate Day. Now the Rallye raises public awareness of sustainable development in the cocoa and chocolate sector by offering tastings of chocolate creations made by talented chocolatiers."

If you are interested in volunteering to assist on the day, then please go through the website to sign-up. Volunteers the opportunity to be in contact with the chocolatiers or to have responsibilities in the organization of the Rally, all in a playful and warm atmosphere. They also receive a free passport and chocolate gifts.

The Rallye du Chocolat is an event for all gourmets. Lise told us, "With the creation of a chocolate specially for the event, we participate in maintaining a high quality of chocolate. In addition, we contribute to raising awareness among the public and professionals about the relations of producer and consumer countries with the cocoa day each October, 1st. We look forward to meeting with the public on October 2."

Geneve tourisme ecran 2021

We can't wait for Saturday, 2 October to discover the chocolate creations concocted by the artisans between 10h-17h30. This year, 14 chocolatiers divided into 3 courses that compete with each other to elaborate a chocolate on the theme "Grué and Two Flavors".

Path A
— Bichet
— Mérigonde
— Micheli
— Mr & Mrs Renou
— Pougnier

Path B
— Du Rhône
— Favarger
— Oberson
— Ublossom

Path C
— Canonica
— La Bonbonnière
— Paganel
— Poncioni
— Wolfisberg

World Cocoa and Chocolate Day (WCD) to celebrate the work of cocoa farmers
Declared on October 1st, WCDD aims to raise public awareness of the work of small-scale cocoa farmers who produce 95% of the world's cocoa. The chocolate industry is increasingly committed to charters that respect producers and maintain guidelines regarding the sustainability and traceability of the cocoa used. The Rallye du Chocolat© supports this day by directly addressing the public and the chocolate makers.

A playful and gourmet itinerary
At each stage of the route, the gourmet must show his or her credentials by presenting the passport and the contest form. They receive part of the mystery sentence, taste the chocolate creation and validate their entry form. At the end of the chosen route, chocolate lovers from 7 to 77 years old will have collected all the clues to decipher the mystery sentence and participate in the contest. The draw will choose three winners; chocolate gifts and a "ChoConnaisseurs" diploma are at stake!

Open to all gourmands and on registration!
From Saturday, September 11 at 10h until Friday, October 1 at midnight, the online ticketing service will be open to reserve passports:
- In advance on the website or Facebook: CHF 6.- from 12 years old / free until 11 years old.
- On site at the Hôtel Métropole (on the day of the event): CHF 10.- from 12 years old / CHF 6.- from 6 to 11 years old / free for children under 6 years old.
Number of passports limited to 4,500 spread over the three courses.

The public's favorite chocolate maker
Because the public's opinion counts for the artisans, the chocolate addicts write on the ballot the name of the chocolate maker who will have seduced them with the chocolate created with grué and two flavors. Three chocolatiers (one per route) will receive the prize of the "favorite chocolatier" of the Geneva Chocolate Rally© 2021.

The Jury's Prize
The creativity and know-how of each chocolatier of the Rallye will be judged by a jury of experts who will award, in the presence of the Geneva authorities, the prize of the "best chocolatier" of the Geneva Chocolate Rally© 2021.

Geneva's best chocolate makers take up the challenge
Bringing together 14 of Geneva's best artisans, the list of participating chocolate makers includes Bichet, La Bonbonnière, Canonica, Du Rhône, Favarger, Mérigonde, Micheli, Poncioni, A. Pougnier, Mr & Mrs Renou, Oberson, Paganel, Ublossom and Wolfisberg.

A faithful support for this cocoa day
Created and organized by Salon des Chocolatiers, the Chocolate Rally© is an event supported by the following partners Swiss Foundation of the Cocoa and Chocolate Economy, Max Felchlin, Radio Lac, Garage Lory, Naxoo, Hotel Métropole, TPG and with the support of the City of Geneva. Finally, this event is made more dynamic thanks to the active participation of more than 70 passionate and devoted volunteers.

Schedule of the Rally : 10h-17h30
Location: around the city of Geneva

Salon des Chocolatiers Sàrl
022 347 30 00
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registration required (for all, including free tickets)
website www.salondeschocolatiers.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/salondeschocolatiers

Volunteer link: Click here - Lise assured us that it is not too late to volunteer even if the meeting date has passed.