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Are you a current, future, or former vegan? We were contacted by the Alimentarium Museum in Vevey. They have asked for you to share your story!

This year, the Alimentarium is focusing on veganism, a consumer trend that is on the rise but that has yet to be extensively studied in Switzerland. A new temporary exhibition, events, workshops and presentations all dedicated to this topic, and a bespoke participative platform are all on the menu at this museum in Vevey. In order to better understand the individual motives and challenges behind this dietary and lifestyle choice, the Alimentarium is giving the floor to the public. Vegans, future vegans and former vegans are invited to share their stories on myveganlife.org, the platform created specifically for the exhibition.

Why focus on veganism?

In addition to being a biological necessity, our diet is a sociocultural and identity marker that can also have a significant impact on the environment. In fact, in light of the climate crisis, some food choices are now under scrutiny. Others become cultural movements and ways of life that question the perception of the world as a source of commodities. This particularly applies to veganism since it raises the issue of animal rights. The Alimentarium is calling on the public at large to share their experiences to then explore these diverse stances further.


Contribute to research into veganism

Given that the subject is still – surprisingly – little studied in Switzerland, these first-hand accounts are a way to better understand, represent and explore the diverse motives behind a decision which may seem obvious and logical but is not without challenges.

How do you take part?

Anybody who has considered or embraced veganism as a diet and/or lifestyle choice at some point in their life and who wishes to share their experience is invited to do so at myveganlife.org.

These first-hand accounts will be available on this website and exhibited in the #vegan temporary exhibition from this spring.

New temporary exhibition at the Alimentarium
Due to open in spring 2021 (health regulations permitting)



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