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bathome valerie

Local school teacher and mother of two girls, Valérie Besanceney, has just written her first fictional book for children. Beautifully illustrated by Agnes Loonstra, and published by Summertime Publishing, the book went on sale yesterday for just Fr. 12.- / € 9.99.

Called B at Home: Emma Moves Again, the new 202-page paperback provides a meaningful insight into the experiences of a ten-year-old girl, Emma, and her teddy bear, B, as they embark on another house move.  During the different stages of another relocation, Emma’s search for home takes root. As the chapters alternate between Emma’s and her bear’s point of view, Emma is emotionally torn, whereas B serves as the wiser and more experienced voice of reason.

Valérie told knowitall.ch, “I am very passionate about the subject of Third Culture Kids (TCKs), children who spend a significant part of their time outside their parents’ culture, living among people from many different cultural backgrounds.  As a TCK myself, I know what it feels like to move around a lot, and, as a child, went though all kinds of emotions trying to work out where I came from, and where I belong. B was the name of the bear that travelled with me everywhere I went – he was my best friend and confidante at all times!”

Valérie with B at the ages of 3 and 7, and later as she is now

She continued, “With this book I hope to give children who are moving, whether it's fifty or five thousand miles away, a story they can identify with. It is also intended as a tool for parents and educators to support children during the transition of a move.  Their guiding roles can be highly influential during this significant process, which inevitably helps shape a child’s identity.”

Whilst there are clearly may positive aspects to being a TCK, such as learning tolerance amongst different cultures at a young age, it is often not until these children are much older that they appreciate the benefits of their nomadic existence. With this book, Valérie hopes to give younger TCKs a story that will encourage them to enjoy the journey, as it evolves, rather than just reflecting on it later in life.

For information about the book, or to find out more about Third Culture Kids, please visit Valérie’s website at www.valeriebesanceney.com. You can find out more about Valérie by reading this interview she made with Summertime Publishing.

B at Home: Emma Moves Again can be purchased online via www.expatbookshop.com and www.amazon.com.

B at Home: Emma Moves Again
Valérie Besanceney
Summertime Publishing
Fr. 12.- / € 9.99 / $12.99