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Pledge your money before 22 August to help the project go ahead!

A new crowdfunding project had been launched celebrating diversity in Geneva!

With less than 2 weeks to go until its completion, project “Geneva” has been created to highlight the diverse mix of nationalities and ethnicities that you will find in a cosmopolitan city.

Providing their own perfect example of cultural diversity, the three organizers for the project are:

  • Geni Deli, who was born in Zurich and has Hungarian origins.
  • Stefano Pollastri, who is Italian, and is now living in Geneva for his studies.
  • Jaumesse, who was born in Geneva and has Latino American origins.

What’s it all about? 

Jaumesse told knowitall.ch,

“We would like to raise Fr. 3,000, to help us produce a song and music video, which celebrates the wonderful diversity of cultures that prevails in Geneva. At the same time, we would like to provide financial assistance to the local, non-profit association, On va parler ensemble, which supports the integration of migrants arriving in Geneva and provides facilities for them to learn French.”

He continued, “Until now, our work has been self-financing.  However, we would love to take the project to another level and help the association to finance new activities that will provide additional support for migrants arriving in Geneva.”


Geneva Together Project

The full team

To give you an idea of the number of people involved in the project, you can see the team members for each of the separate stages here:

Music crew:
Composer: Stefano Pollastri
Lyricists: Stefano Pollastri & Jaumesse
Singer: Geni Deli
Rapper: Stefano Pollastri
Rapper: Jaumesse
Beatboxer: Ecoz
Guitarist: Luca Cardello
Bassist: Raffaele Zannoni
Drummer: Fabio Pollastri

Film crew:
Film Producers: Creamorphic
Director: Jaumesse
Actress: Ayooshee Dookhee
Photographer: Gio’s Photography
Make-up artists: Nguyet Ifkovits & Anouk-Eva Meyer

On va parler ensemble:
Founders: Pablo Gàmez Burgos et Marina Serra Jordana

How can you help?

Jaumesse and his team have created a series of pledges of varying amounts from Fr. 10.- up to Fr. 750.-, which will enable the public to support their project at various levels.  Many of the pledges include attractive “rewards” which range from a free drink at a special apéro event to which all backers will be invited, through to credits at the local food delivery service called Nik’s Fudo, a foot or Thai massage at Pancha Khanda, a 3-day pass to the Geneva Yoga Festival, and much more! Click here to view the full list.

How do I make a pledge?

The project is being run on the popular crowdfunding site, wemakeit, and can be viewed in more detail here: https://wemakeit.com/projects/geneva

The deadline for pledges is 22 August 2018 and, at the time of writing, Fr. 1300.- has already been pledged towards the project.

For those unfamiliar with the crowd funding concept, the money is only debited from your account if the full amount that is required for the project is raised.

Crowdfunding Project

Geneva Together Project

On va parler ensemble