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On June 16, 2015, the US-based Kickstarter program announced that it would allow creative entrepreneurs based in Switzerland to officially launch projects on its crowdfunding platform.

Since it was launched in 2009, 8.9 million people have pledged more than $1.8 billion via the Kickstarter platform, funding 87,000 creative projects. Indeed, thousands of creative projects are currently raising funds on the platform, covering everything from films, games and music, through to art, design and technology.

Operating purely as a platform and resource for creative people, Kickstarter does not get involved in the development of any projects itself.  Creative entrepreneurs have complete control over and responsibility for their own projects.

So if you’re in the process of setting up your own small company, or would simply like to inject a bit more cash into your new enterprise, then Kickstarter could be just the help you need to grow your business.


Featured on the knowitall.ch website last year, Brappz was the first startup business in Swiss Romande to launch its own fundraising campaign on the Swiss Kickstarter platform. Founded by Barbara Traulsen and Selene Folkesson in the summer of 2014, Brappz provides multi-functional, silicone-based, silky-soft bra-straps that, when combined with 2-way detachable hooks, can be used in a variety of different ways, not just as colorful, designer bra-straps but also as stylish fashion accessories in your hair, designer bracelets around your wrist, or even trendy laces in your shoes!

Barbara told knowitall.ch, “ We launched our campaign on Kickstarter not only to seek funding for marketing and production purposes, but also to spread the word among Kickstarter’s 3 million followers. Since we piloted our first batch of Brappz last summer, it is clear that they are very much more than a fashionable replacement for conventional bra straps– although that was our initial intention. Indeed, we have already been sent pictures of at least 23 different ways in which Brappz have been used by our customers worldwide!”


Selene added,”On Kickstarter we are giving people the opportunity to pledge either a small amount of money, such as Fr. 1-  or Fr. 10.-, simply because they like our business and want to see it succeed, or larger amounts such as Fr. 3,000.-, which will allow up to 3 backers to receive a “reward”, namely the full Brappz collection of straps and hooks as well as 4 custom-made titanium hooks with Swarovski crystals. These backers will also have the opportunity to unlock and name their color of choice in the next production batch.”

When you take a closer look at the Brappz campaign on Kickstarter it is easy to see how effective the Kickstarter concept can be: clearly, it is much easier to raise Fr 1.- from 25,000 people than Fr. 25,000.- from 1 person.

Kickstarter has an “all or nothing” approach. If the Brappz campaign successfully reaches Fr. 25,000.- after 30 days, Barbara and Selene will receive the full amount of money to invest in their business, minus Kickstarter’s 5% fee and minus 3% administration costs. If not, then none of the money pledged is debited from the backers. Barbara concludes, “If we reach our target, we will of course first use the money to pay for the production and shipping of “rewards” offered to pledgers in the Kickstarter campaign, as well as the production costs of our Kickstarter video. The rest will be used to enlist professional support for our new digital marketing campaign and for additional production.”


At the time of writing, Brappz has received the support of 36 different backers, who between them have pledged Fr. 3,209.-. With just 18 days to go, Barbara and Selene have some way to go to reach their target, so would be grateful for any pledges towards their business, no matter how small.  Click here to find out more about the Brappz fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.

If you would like to pledge your support for other local businesses, or want to find out more about how to set up your own fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, then visit the Kickstarter website at www.kickstarter.com.