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On the occasion of a Thursday in Residence on September 7 at 18h30, writer and climber Anna Fleming will talk about her work and invite you to contemplate nature in a different way. The event will be in English.

Thursday in Residence with Anna Fleming
A climber’s eye-view
Thursday, 7 September 2023

Every first Thursday of each month, from 18h30-19h30, a writer in residence opens a window on his or her work, universe and motives, in a free form of intervention. An hour of carte blanche to share, followed by a drink.

Alpinist and writer in residence at the Jan Michalski Foundation from 5 September  to 3 October 2023, Anna Fleming invites you on a literary ascent into the heart of nature. Climbing is a form of dance, an intensely physical ballet between self and rock. The activity opens a unique lens on the natural world. In the heightened sensory state on the vertical landscape, the climber navigates worlds of micro and macro details.

In Time on Rock, alpinist and rock climber Anna Fleming offers a climber’s eye-view on nature. From slate to granite, sandstone and limestone, delving into the ecology, geology and cultures surrounding distinct rock-types opens a deep-time journey into our planet’s rich history, showing how literature can explore the physical embodiment of landscape and its deep time processes. Now turning to the climate and nature crises, Fleming considers the melting glaciers, collecting the urgent stories emerging from our rapidly heating mountains.

Anna Fleming is an award-winning author from Wales and Scotland. She completed a PhD on the Romantic poet William Wordsworth before turning to literary nonfiction. Her first book, Time on Rock, published in 2022 by Canongate, presents a climber’s eye-view of the natural world through a personal and geological journey into the mountains. She writes about nature, the outdoors and is currently working on a second book about ice, ecology, and climate change in the mountains.

Practical information
Free event in English, with reservation via the online ticketing service.

Fondation Jan Michalski
En Bois Désert 10
1147 Montricher
021 864 01 48