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Guest Blogs

Knowitall.ch often invites local experts in their field to contribute to their own blogs on our site. This means not only you will benefit from the useful recommendations that we make on our News pages, but you can also profit from some of the great advice and tips that these experts have to make on their favorite subjects. Whilst each of these bloggers has been recommended to us at some point during the evolution of Know-it-all passport and  knowitall.ch, obviously we are not able to test out all the suggestions they make on their blogs, nor do we necessarily agree with all their opinions.  So if you do find one of their tips useful (or not!), do let us know!

To make these blogs more accessible to you, we have now decided to group them altogether in one section, entitled Guest Blogs, accessible from our main menu bar.  We will also post the most recent blogs on the home page of our site in the right hand column.

We are still building up this area of the site, and are looking for bloggers in a number of sections, including Your Home, Travel, and Leisure, so if you feel you have a useful contribution to make in either of these areas, and have the time to submit blog entries approximately every month, then please get in touch!


By Sarah Santacroce at Simplicity

If you run a business website and check your Google Analytics regularly, you might know that the “Contact us” page is one of the most frequently visited pages of your site (after the home page, the about page and the resource page). So you want to make sure that you give the visitor all the necessary information he/she needs.

To do that, first let’s analyze why people visit the “Contact us” page:

  • they want to call you
  • they want to e-mail you
  • they want to find out where you are located (which country)
  • they are looking for a name of one of your employees
  • they need your address to write you an invoice
  • they want to see how to find you (map)
  • they want to see your Social Media profiles
  • they want to know who runs the website/company


Photo courtesty of OWIT Lake Geneva

Article by Carolina Rodriguez Barros, www.daretoglow.com

When I first arrived in Switzerland, back in 2008, to found Dare to Glow, I only knew my boyfriend. That was it. I couldn't rely on him to introduce me to new people and expand my opportunities, as he is not from Geneva either and he was working in the Wine Industry where most of his colleagues and clients were men!

So I had to face the challenge myself. I had to go out there, join professional and social networks, and get to know people. For many, meeting new people can be one of the most stressful things they do: Talking to strangers? About what? It is so boring and I have nothing to say!

Thanks to my situation I learned and mastered networking techniques that I now share with my clients . If you are in need of professional transformation, of a professional mentor or new connections for your next business, then you have the secrets of successful networking sessions with grace and a positive impact right at your fingertips:



By David Cooper, Fund Advisers Europe

Equity markets are in turmoil.

Bond yields are rising to record highs.

European leaders suspend aid to Athens.

Greece staggers closer to default before the year end.

France and Germany stand united, issuing ultimatums to the Athens parliament to decide on the future of their membership of the Euro.

These events have led to financial institutions, down to private retail investors losing confidence in European based investments – both bonds and equity.

Conflicting statements from the Greek leaders regarding their intentions and wishes around membership of the Eurozone, are prolonging the uncertainty and with MP's resigning from the ruling party, their majority has been cut to just one.

Yesterday's announcement that the referendum was to be cancelled brought some relief, however can this be considered a long term situation, or should we expect a further change from Athens?


by Carolina Rodriguez Barros, www.daretoglow.com

If you ever go rock climbing, or engage in sports like archery, you know the great life lessons you can learn from them. I tried both, and I chose rock climbing as a favourite activity for the weekends. This is what I’ve been learning about leadership from rock climbing.

1-    Direction. Have the vision, get ready to go first. Show others the path.

2-    Step by Step. You never know in advance how you will get to your destination. In fact, the path is created while you are taking the steps, not before.

3-    Leading by the example. If you are going to lead others, you have to lead yourself first.

4-    Trust. You absolutely need to trust the team and that they are doing their tasks well, in order for you to focus on making your next move.

5-    Inclusion. You showed the direction, but the other climbers may take a slightly different path and climb in different styles. That’s the fun of learning from each other and sharing experiences, to achieve the same result.


By Mary-Jeanne "MJ" Cabanel, www.mjcabanel.com

Last week, I nearly made the faux pas of huge consequence.  Whilst in a meeting with a big client and two colleagues, an idea popped in my head and I took off running—at the mouth.  And, I might add, totally in the wrong direction from where the client wanted to go.  Luckily, the client who is also a friend, called to check out what I was thinking and to see if we could turn the conversation back to what she really needed.


I wasn’t listening. I was too busy thinking ahead, planning what to say and getting turned on by my own brilliance.  Indeed, studies show that most people only half listen focusing instead on what they will say next rather than hearing the message the person is trying to get across.  They think that in order to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous they must sing for their supper or at least be the most charming person in the living or boardroom.  For the person trying to communicate, all this talk and no listen can be terribly frustrating.