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By Tara Lissner, Swiss Gardening School

November brings damp and short days with still lots to do in the garden.

So many colours underfoot while out walking in the woods, a tapestry of tree life, wet and soggy from the downpours and the air fragrant with the scent of damp and decaying leaves - autumn has truly arrived.
My garden is so wet that I'm discouraged from doing too much at the moment, the fact that there has been so much rain does not encourage me and when the dog goes to the door, has a little sniff and turns back into the house I know its not good. But as my list of jobs is increasing by the day, out I go! Read more from the blog here

What's on
This is the season of Sunday openings and special events along with pretty seasonal markets, here are some you may find interesting.

Vernissage de l'Avent, Rémy Jaggi, route de Grens 1, Trélex, Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 November, 16:00-21:00
One of the most beautiful holiday displays will take place this weekend at this innovative florist and nursery in Trélex.
Rémy Jaggi

Château des Bois, Marché de Noël, Chemin de la Combe d'Onex 10, Satigny, Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 November
A magical market filled with seasonal joy.
Château des Bois

Green Christmas Eco Marché, Centre sportif de Founex, route de la Chataigneraie, Thursday 21 & Friday 22 November, 10:00-19:00
The fourth edition of this green market brings together a group of small entrepreneurs with their eye on sustainability. My swiss garden will be present with winter containers filled with seasonal plants and spring bulbs.

Vernissage de l'Avent, Rémy Jaggi, avenue d'Ouchy 18, Lausanne, Thursday 21 November, 17:00-21:00
The Lausanne florists launches their seasonal celebration - I'm sure the team will be hard at work to create a magical event.
Rémy Jaggi

Christmas Market Swiss Edition 2019, C'est ici l'endroit où..., Genthod, Wednesday 27 - Friday 29 November
A small local market in the heart of Genthod promoting local artisans. My swiss garden will be present.
C'est ici l'endroit où

Vernissage de Noël, Nature en Scène, route d'Arnex 7, 1277 Borex, Saturday 30 November, 09:00-17:00
Recently installed in the property of Guichard Fleurs, enjoy this first Christmas display of flowers, wreaths, tasty treats and even a visit by Santa (10:00-12:00).
Nature en Scène

Schilliger, route Suisse 40, Gland, Sundays until 15 December
The Christmas display includes seasonal plants and flowers along with a wonderful selection of new food items.

Author's bio


An enthusiastic, self-taught gardener, Tara Lissner is passionate about gardening and eager to share her zeal and knowledge with other gardening fans.

In 2012, she joined forces with Hester Macdonald, a British-trained landscape designer, to launch the Swiss Gardening School.

(Photo by Jean-Luc Pasquier)

Swiss Gardening School