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diana240A new career support service has been set up in the region to help English speakers further their career development in Switzerland.

Called Swiss Career Connections, the service is being provided by the Spouse Career Centre (SCC), which has been operating successfully in the region for over 9 years, providing career-related counseling, networking and coaching to partners and spouses of international employees relocating to Switzerland.  Until now, this service was provided exclusively to multinational companies for the benefit of their employees.

Describing the new service, SCC Director, Diana Ritchie, says, “At Swiss Career Connections we believe a career support service should provide a 360° approach to active job-hunting.  From the start, you will be supported by our trained and experienced career coaches on a one-to-one basis. We will help you to develop and profile your skills, know-how and experience, keep you motivated and on track, prepare you for effective job searching, and guide you through the application process.  We will also show you how to use your network more effectively and build upon it as well as benefit from ours.”

She continues, “Experience shows us that this approach adds value in a number of key areas.  Not only does it give you a better understanding of how to position yourself in the Swiss job market, but it also improves your self-marketing ability and your competencies awareness level.  By improving your access to and impact on potential employers, it ultimately increases your chances of securing employment.”

Clients will be able to choose from four packages, each tailored to individual needs and budgets.  The table below shows the key elements of the four tracks on offer (Smart Support Services), with descriptions for each.

Smart Support Services Basic
Self  Assessment Tools X X
Career Evaluation X X X X
Résumé & cover letter writing X X X X
Developing job search skills X X X
Personal action plan X X X
Plug into your network X X
Plug into our network X
Interview preparation X X X X
Sessions 6 9 14 20

Self Assessment tool  - minimum 3 sessions

Different tools are available to improve self-understanding.  These tools are beneficial for individuals who are in a career transition or who would like an in-depth understanding of themselves.  The online tests are followed by a feedback session, where your coach will review with you the results and their impact.

Highlands Talent Ability test
This 3 hour online test will analyse what talents/abilities come naturally to you in all areas, such as math, language, music, creativity, analysis and more through the use of 19 different hands-on work samples.   

Insights Discovery
Individuals complete a 25-frame evaluator in an online test that takes approximately 20 - 30 minutes.  The output is a 20+ page profile which helps recipients gain detailed understanding of their personal style and how this impacts on their relationships in both personal and professional environments.

Career evaluation - 3 sessions

These three sessions will examine your expectations, strengths and weaknesses, attitudes and preferences. They will focus on your transitional skills and how best to utilise these skills within the local market.  You will come away with a clearer picture of your professional orientation possibilities in Switzerland.

Résumé & cover letter writing - 2 sessions

You will learn how to write and structure your résumé and covering letter so that they become powerful marketing tools.

Developing job search skills - 1 session

In this session you will gain an overview of all possible job acquisition channels, tips and tools to search the web and familiarize yourself with the local job market as well as to keep track of your Résumé and stay organised.  

Define your personal action plan - 2 sessions

Having gained sufficient tangible insights about yourself, you will be helped to plot your path towards a successful job search.  This will include the identification of specific sectors, industries or companies to target and the definition of steps to take in your action plan.  It will also incorporate brain storming to discover as many potential employers as possible.  You will be encouraged to think outside of the box and share self-motivational tools to help keep you on track.

Plug into YOUR network - 2 sessions

You will gain insight on networking techniques, how to benefit from your network and how to expand your network.  

Plug into OUR Network - up to 6 sessions may be required (including research and introductions)

Ever hear the expression; it is not what you know but who you know that counts? Through SCC’s established network, the organisation will ensure exposure for you and your résumé. Up to three specific leads into targeted companies are offered, with follow up and feedback.

Interview preparation - 1 session

SCC works with you to ensure you are completely prepared to ace your interview!  They will refine your presentation techniques and attitude with interview simulations.

Describing the sessions in more detail, Diana explains, “All of these sessions and exercises are simply pieces of a puzzle.  It is through discussions with your personal coach and your dedication to your job search in terms of time and effort that success will be achieved.  The sessions mentioned are equal to one hour and are the minimum required.  Some individuals may require additional support. Certain sessions may occur during one or several face-to-face meetings with your coach.  Some work may occur via phone or email with your coach or as external research on your behalf.  “

Swiss Career Connections will also offer a number of additional services, which can be used in combination with any of the four tracks mentioned above, or as stand-alone tools.  In addition to the Self Assessment tool and Plug into OUR Network options already mentioned above, these include the provision of an Employability Assessment Report , sessions on how to Create your own brand, and extra Coaching hours.

If you are interested in receiving additional information and pricing for SCC’s services, you are invited to complete their survey at:

Alternatively, contact Diana Ritchie directly by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.