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By Diana Ritchie, www.scc-centre.com

In today’s business environment, how to persuade and entertain an audience is of paramount concern and there are a large volume of books and articles out there on how to give a great presentation. But nothing replaces the opportunity to learn, practise and get feedback on delivering powerful presentations in a safe environment of like minded peers, who equally want to learn and grow professionally.

We’ve all attended a training session, a meeting or a conference where the presentation was, shall I say it – awful.

I was at one yesterday, where there was so much text, and we were sitting so far away that everything was a blur and my frustration started. I paid to be here, and I was spending my time to learn something and it was not happening. I was at another presentation earlier in the week, where the presenter was speaking to the slide, even though the slide was only a picture – what did he need to read? It was disturbing. Rule number 1, also face the audience and keep them engaged.

A presenter should speak to the audience not the slide. But how many of us have done that? Another speaker at the same conference had 4 points to share with the audience and gave us time to discuss, then ran out of time after point 2, rushed through points 3 and 4 and told the audience it was our fault that we ran out of time, as our discussions took too long.

How did that make me feel and what impression do I have of this guy’s organisation?

How often have we:

  • Sat quietly and stared at slides while listening to a presenter drone on about this and that.
  • Witnessed a presenter, who thought it was more important to get through their slides than engage with the audience.
  • Stared at slides so jam packed with text and thought, “just give me the document and I will read it myself in my own time, I do not need to be here for you to read the slide to me”.
  • The presentation did not address your needs but gave the presenter a platform to show how clever he/she is.
  • Left the presentation, not having retained anything and thought what a waste of time.
  • Practically fell asleep with the monotone and over detailed delivery.

Do you want to be the presenter described here? Do you want your team to present like this?

A good presenter who creates and delivers powerful presentations with confidence, enthusiasm, animation and flexibility is highly sought after.

At the same conference mentioned above there was one presenter, who spoke directly at the audience, that it felt like he was speaking directly to me, his audio and visual support was captivating and his presentation on topic. It was a pleasure!

If you want to get a positive response from your next presentation, and learn how to engage your audience in a way that you can be sure your message has been heard, I can recommend the NotchUP Training Powerful Presentations one day training course that will take place in Nyon on 28 March, 2018 from 9h to 17h. It will provide effective tools and behaviour techniques to make clear, powerful and focused presentations and to manage audience interaction. The energetic agenda will cover all the essential elements that guarantee an influential and focused presentation. Practice, feedback and individual support will ensure that communication skills are improved as well as poise and enjoyment.

Delivered by expert trainer JoAnne Freeman, this one day course will teach you how to:

  • Structure presentations to cater for different audience needs
  • Be the audience and understand how and why your audience absorbs information
  • Identify key messages and make them memorable
  • Incorporate powerful opening, delivery and closing techniques
  • Enhance presentations by maximizing audio-visual support
  • Improve confidence and platform skills to deliver a presentation that keeps the audience interested, involved and alert.

The NotchUP concept provides fast-paced, intense training on essential skills for improved work performance. The one-day, dynamic courses are delivered by highly experienced trainers with tangible take-away for immediate application on the job including tools and tips. The 2018 NotchUP menu offers 6 courses that can be purchased a la carte or as a package at an attractive price.

The training is ideal for professionals at all levels from entry-level to senior executive who aspire to recognition at work and career advancement.

For Information on pricing and registration by 23 March 2018 click here: https://notchuptraining.com/product/notchup-training-packages/

Author’s bio:

As owner and founder of SCC Sarl, Diana Ritchie has been operating successfully in the region for over 10 years, providing career-related counseling, networking and coaching to partners and spouses of international employees relocating to Switzerland. She has a strong focus on training herself and works with expert trainers to Boost Professional Performance.