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Photography School SPC med

By Oguzhan (Osan) Altun, Swiss Photo Club

You decided to make the first serious step to improve your photography, now wondering how to choose the best school.

Consider these questions to find the best program for your goals.

There are several options available in almost all cities:

  • Online video courses and articles
  • A single independent photographer
  • A non-certified school in your area
  • A certified school in your area

Here is a quick comparison of each option:


What makes the best learning experience?
Overall, keep in mind that teaching photography is a completely different job vs taking good photos. For a successful learning experience, you need:

1. Well-structured content: Look for schools who provide the teaching content to their instructors, rather than leaving it completely to the photographer. This is especially important for general courses like beginners, intermediate, Lightroom and Photoshop courses. It is very rare for a single instructor to come up with a full blown teaching content.
2. An instructor who is also an expert in teaching: Knowing the subject is not enough. Teaching is effective with passionate instructors who can explain concepts clearly and feels the “pulse” of the group at all times.
3. A learning environment that is pleasant: Check if you can see the photos of the classroom / facilities of the school. Otherwise you might end up squeezed in a Starbucks trying to hear the photographer from the background noise J
4. Practice exercises that will allow you to try, make mistakes, try again and get constructive feedback.

Check real ratings
Check social media for real ratings from real people. Usually available on the Facebook pages of the provider, that is very hard to fake. Don’t be fooled by claimed ratings on the provider’s website or some beautiful photos from the photographer, these say nothing about the quality of the education you will get.


Single photographer vs photography school
Trusting a single photographer can be cheaper, however it has many risks. Great photos do not necessarily mean a great learning experience.

We recommend this route in case of celebrity or expert photographers who excelled in a specific subject and received great ratings. An example could be to join a studio workshop by an expert photographer where you can observe his/her methods, shoot together, ask him/her direct questions and get feedback on your photos.

Bigger photography schools choose their teachers based on teaching performance and knowledge. They should provide the instructor the structure and content to go through, that has been tested and modified over hundreds of classes and students.

Certified photography schools are also obliged to submit their teaching materials to the certifying agency for quality control. A single photographer doesn’t have any of these to worry about.

Swiss Photo Club has centralized content that is deployed to all the instructors, to ensure quality structure and content. The instructors only update the example photos with their own work to tell their own story about each example.

Swiss Photo Club instructors are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Experts in their fields, have a great portfolio
  • Very passionate about teaching photography
  • Friendly and fun to be around
  • Able to communicate clearly

Certifed vs non-certified photography schools
eduqua logo notxt mit Schutzraum cmykIn Switzerland, Eduqua is the quality label geared towards providers of adult learning. It is only provided to the institutions who fulfill the strict 22 standards and are periodically checked.

The institutions with this label can also provide certifications with the same label after completion of a course.

At the time of the writing of this article, Swiss Photo Club is the only certified & specialized photography school in Switzerland who provides in person trainings. There are a few other certified institutions who received the certificate from other types of courses, but also provide photography courses as an additional offer, such as ifage and Ecole Club Migros.

In summary, we recommend a certified institution to guarantee good structure and professionalism during your learning.

On Swiss Photo Club's Facebook page, you can see what previous students had to say about this school.

The next exhibition opening this Thursday 27 February 2020.

SPC Photo Awards is back!

Come to see the amazing photos and cast your votes for your favorites during the exhibition.

Opening: February 27th (as of 17h)
From Thursday 27 February to Saturday 7 March 2020
Awards Ceremony & Closing: March 7th (16h)
Tuesday through Friday 14h-18h30
Saturday 14h-17h
Note: Closed Sundays and Mondays

Gallery Humanit’Art
Rue du Diorama 14
1205 Genève

During 9 days, all the submitted photos will be exhibited in the gallery. Each visitor will be able to vote for their 3 favorite photos and Public Prizes will be attributed to the most voted photos, alongside a Jury Prize.

The entrance is free and open to all. Click here for poster link.

FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/740006456484125/


Author's bio


Oguzhan (Osan) Altun is a freelance photographer based in Geneva, and one of the founder members of the Swiss Photo Club. He specializes in landscapes, portraits and event photography.

He specializes in landscapes, portraits and event photography.

His passion for life shows in his photos with vibrant colors and an edgy style. He continuously strives to show something special about his subject and push the boundaries every time.

His teaching style combines 10 years of training experience in corporate life with contagious passion for photography and the best training materials available online on the net. He is crisp, to the point, and focused on getting the participant practice what she/he learned.

His portfolio is available at his website Altun Photography and his latest work in instagram (@altuno) and on his Facebook page.