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Living in a bubble international schools learning experience

Over the years, international schools have come under harsh criticism as not providing the best learning experience. These schools have been seen as a place where students who struggle with education are sent, or as isolated bubbles outside the community where non-native families become an insular micro-community. However, a new kind of international school is changing that view by taking a new approach to teaching. From community engagement to non-standardised teaching, at Lake Leman International School (LLIS) our students get the opportunity to develop their individual skills and create a personal leaning experience for themselves.

This new kind of learning experience can have a very positive impact on students. Many curriculums take a one-size-fits-all approach to education, but this can leave students behind and see them fail academically, just because they didn't have the 'normal' aims and skills. However, every student does have their own personal skills, and these may not lie in traditional subjects like science and mathematics, but in dance, gym, art or music. By approaching each student as an individual, we at LLIS can approach learning in a way that gives the child chance to flourish.

When students are given the right environment, they can find a field that suits them and start developing their talents ready for the working world. They can also use these skills in the wider community, and make themselves an active part of the place they live. There's a lot of great benefits to non-standard teaching, and our international school is among the educational environments where these practices are being applied, with fantastic results.

Whether you're an educator looking for better results or a parent seeking to educate your child, you'll know the importance of learning and of the environment needed for it to occur. With new techniques seeing amazing results in students, perhaps it's time to shift towards teaching the individual, and letting each child find their potential in the areas they enjoy most. After all, not everyone is the same and therefore applying the same approach to all students' learning is bound to be detrimental. A more individually focused learning course can create far better results, so LLIS delivers an international approach to teaching.

Author's bio

Marianne Salem

Marianne Salem is the Executive Director of the Lake Leman International School (LLIS) in Morges, Vaud. Founded in 2011, the school offers education to students aged between 3 and 11, with flexible teaching that matches each student's needs and a strong focus on community engagement for both pupils and their families.

In order to accommodate both international and local students, LLIS prioritises teaching of the French language. The co-education of international and local students in the same school has a very positive impact on the integration of international students into the local community and fosters the friendship between Swiss families and families from abroad.

Lake Leman International School, www.llis.ch