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Expat Expo is a prime event for Anglophone community of Switzerland. The event is intended to gather various renowned businesses, organizations, museums, clubs, service providers and buyers together, under one roof. The exhibitors will display their latest goods and valuable services for the English-speaking market of Switzerland. It will provide opportunity to build and promote brand name, create product image, build business contacts with visitors and exhibitors and create future business prospects. The visitors will get chance to see and compare the various products and services, meet face-to-face with industry professionals, learn about various products and gain valuable knowledge abut various brands and services available in the Swiss market. The Expat Expo is a must-attend event for Switzerland's Anglophone residents.


Integrating into a new country can be a daunting process for anyone and Expat-Expo is designed to help the Anglophone community feel quickly at home by showcasing a wide variety of businesses, organisations, museums, clubs and churches from all over Switzerland. In the space of an afternoon, families can find important goods and services such as bankers, doctors, accountants and lawyers, schools and day-care, museums, clubs and churches, even specialty food items. We believe our service contributes greatly to the successful integration of newly arrived families and veteran expats alike and reduces the stresses of integration for expats and their employers.


Come to say "hi" to Know-it-all passport whether you have already purchased your 2011/2012 edition (the pink and black one) or not! Take advantage of the special price of Fr. 35.- instead of Fr. 38.- on the day! We are located at table G12 just near the stairs to the restaurant/bar.


EXPAT EXPO - 6th edition

Palexpo, Halle 7 (the one next to the Arena)


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Featuring 160 exhibitors, Expat-Expo is not just for expats! Come to see what the community holds in the way of goods and services such as doctors, accountants and lawyers, schools and day-care, clubs and churches, even specialty food items, books and toys, cosmetics, crafts, and much more. Click here for more information.


discount-button150newEnjoy an exclusive offer for Know-it-all passport readers at the imported American toy store All for Kids! Fr. 5.- off every Fr. 25.- spent at the ALL FOR KIDS booth (table O1) on October 2nd at the Expat Expo in Geneva. The ALL FOR KIDS catalog offers families in Switzerland with fun learning and creative products in English, that are otherwise hard to find here. Check out their complete selection online at www.allforkids.ch. To take advantage of this offer, simply print out this page and bring it with you to the Expat Expo.




geneva angelsIf you’re new to Geneva and fancy doing a bit of sight seeing over the Summer holidays, then the Geneva Tourist Angels may be able to put you in the right direction.

Working in groups of two, the new angels have been employed by the Geneva Tourist Office to help visitors find their way around the city. Dressed in apple green T-shirts, white trousers and a blue baseball cap, the angels are very easy to spot and will be located mainly around the Old City, lakeside and offices of the international organizations.

The Tourist Angels have been employed to work in Geneva between 11 July and 15 August.  Mainly students, they will talk to you in English or French, but you may be lucky to find the odd one who speaks German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, or even Turkish!



Nyon wishes to educate smokers and offer them a simple and practical solution to help keep the streets clean. A small, recyclable, attractive round tin box is being provided for the discrete disposal of their cigarette butts and used chewing gum, which can be thrown away later in the garbage. The campaign begins April 19th, 2011. Five thousand pocket ashtrays are available free at various distribution points.


Dressed in the visual identity of Nyon’s waste logo, this little ashtray that opens and closes with a single click, will also host chewing gum or other small garbage such as candy wrappers. Seen as a waste of no importance, many cigarette butts are discarded daily in the streets of the city. However, their slow degradation contributes to polluting the environment, including water. The street cleaners have noticed a marked increase of cigarette butts in the streets, which happens to coincide with the cantonal no-smoking ban in public places. This is what prompted the Municipality to raise awareness to preserve the cleanliness of streets.


Distributed in town, accompanied by a brochure, and also available at the déchèterie de Bourgogne (chemin de Bourgogne 12), reception of the Administration communale (place du Château 3) and the Police station (place du Château 10), this pocket ashtray will become the gadget of the year! Distribution of these gems will be targeted at people using the beach and pool and at any smoker over age 16 with the slogan "Well done!"


This simple gesture by the Nyonnais helps contribute to the cleanliness of Nyon's public areas. «Pour une ville propre, mégots et chewing-gums sont à leur place dans le cendrier de poche».

By Lisa Cirieco-Ohlman

Marianne GuntherMy parents were friends with Marianne and Karl Gunther many years ago. I have been visiting Marianne at the Résidence Bon Séjour in Versoix for a few years now and am inspired by her peps and dynamic personality! She has a razor sharp memory (I am very jealous of that) and she doesn’t miss a trick.

I was quite amazed when I found out that she had published a book, My Geneva Repertory, and asked her if I could see a copy. This 275-page book is, in fact, a compilation of all the writings Marianne has produced since the early 70s when she was about 60 years-old! I started reading her tales of living in the 70s and 80s in Geneva, reminiscing at the way these memories came flooding back to me. I moved here in 1972, when Geneva was a sleepy town! Things have come such a long way since then!

Many of the articles were written for The Courier magazine, published by the American Women’s Club (now known as the American International Women’s Club). Marianne recounts the best place to get hosiery repairs (remaillage), where to get handbag handles remedied, jewelry mended, and elbow patches sewn on. This is truly a historical bible for the area! Many of these places have either gone out of business as they were too specialized or because the bigger shops have gobbled them up.

Harsch in LausanneAs part of its continuing drive to improve customer service, Harsch (The Art of Moving), has opened up offices in Lausanne.  The new premises will enable them to move closer to both existing and potential clients, as well as overcome some of the operational barriers that exist between the canton of Vaud, of which Lausanne is the capital, and the canton of Geneva, where the Harsch headquarters are currently located.

Speaking at the recent opening of the offices, Didier Zemp, Relocation Department Manager at Harsch, explains: “Both cantons have different authorities.  In addition to the Federal Government, each Canton also has its own government, not necessarily with different laws but sometimes with different rules, ways of doing things, traditions and even culture. Because of these differences, we felt it was important for our clients that we had a separate entity in Lausanne, with vehicles registered in Vaud and a Lausanne Registre du Commerce – we wanted to demonstrate to our clients that we are definitely committed to and established in Vaud.”

Harsch Lausanne will offer the same specialist services the company offers elsewhere: individual removals, corporate removals, state-of the art storage (fine art, archive and general) and relocation assistance.  With their leading edge storage facilities in Vaud at Gland, the company intends to expand its existing client base in the region, which comprises a number of multinationals and corporations, to include new organizations who are not currently familiar with the breadth and quality of Harsch’s service.