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Although we tend to focus on reporting news about new business startups in the region, occasionally we receive such glowing reports about local, established companies, that we can’t resist passing on this information to you!

One such company that has just been highly recommended to us is P.Tesaury et Fils – a small, family–run “ebenesterie/menuiserie” business that was founded in 1933 in Oron La Ville.  Specialised in providing high quality, Swiss craftsmanship on custom-designed carpentry projects, this business, which now employs 14 staff, has expanded over recent years to provide a more comprehensive service, including management of home renovation projects.

Serving the Vaud, Geneva and Valais cantons, P. Tesaury has a broad range of clients including local industries, museums and private individuals looking for the best in custom-designed interior furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors and staircases, all built with the highest quality materials.


Enter your house for popular TV show and win 1000 euros!

May The Best House Win is a daytime series on the UK's ITV1 channel that sees the owners of some of Britain’s most interesting and unusual homes compete against each other in a bid to win a cash prize.

In it's next series, the show producers, Shiver Productions, are coming to France to feature four proud homeowners keen to open their doors to each other and let them cast a critical gaze on their property masterpiece. According to the producers, it’s the ultimate Open House experience…and absolutely nothing is off limits!

Particpants will judge each other's houses in terms of their interior design, homeliness, comfort, the hospitality on offer and the overall viewing experience. They secretly score each other out of ten and the winning homeowner wins 1000 euros.  At the end of each show, they all discover exactly what their fellow contestants thought of their home - and they won’t always like what they hear!


A small design company has just been launched in the region, specializing in designing “tailor-made” hard furnishings for the home.

Located just outside Geneva, but operating in both France and Switzerland, Ralpine Design will provide a customized design service for private clients who require unique pieces of furniture for their home, whether they be small items such as tables and chairs, or larger items including built-in wall units.

Owner, Robert Leeman, told knowitall.ch, “Our aim is to produce bespoke, high quality products that have been beautifully designed and are perfectly matched to our client’s lifestyle.  Our products are tailor-made to fit our clients, their surroundings, and more importantly the way they live their life. Like a tailored suit, our furniture excels in its performance through the close partnership of hand-made craftsmanship and creative design.  We employ the very best, local craftsmen to create our products, and use the finest materials possible.”


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A new interior design and home renovation company, Lemli Interiors, has been launched in the region, targeting its services at the expat community of Vaud in Switzerland.

Founded by Claudia Lemli, the new company will focus on managing stylish home renovation projects, that are both stress-free and cost-efficient for clients.  Fluent in French, German and English, Claudia is keen to work with customers from the expat community, who are unfamiliar with the “ins and outs” of the home improvement business in Switzerland, and who can frequently be caught out by unexpected costs and expensive delays.

Starting out her career in the world of international fashion as a buyer for some of the world’s leading department stores, Claudia has an eye for the latest global trends in design. Having studied more recently at the Ecole Athenaeum Europe, an established institute for architecture and design in Lausanne, Claudia also has an excellent understanding of how to translate current trends in home design into the individual requirements of her clients.


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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks you have throughout the day?  Do you find that nothing gets done well, because you’re rushing through the day trying to achieve too many things at once, both at home and at work?

This needn’t be the case if you enlist the help of private administration company, Chronologica. By providing clients with their own dedicated Personal Assistant, Chronologica enables customers to control their personal affairs without compromising their family or work commitments, giving them more time to do the things they enjoy!

Established in Nyon in August 2010 by Managing Director, Lizzie Gent, and three investment partners, Chronologica manages the personal affairs of: busy, time-starved professionals and executives living in Switzerland; ex-patriots requiring post-relocation support; individuals whose international lifestyles involve complex administration; and families who benefit from Chronologica’s language skills and extensive network of connections.