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In light of what this pandemic has imposed on us, one of the first things folks are pinning for (apart from the hairdresser) is a good meal out to celebrate, enjoy the beautiful weather, and socialize with friends and family again. But in the meantime, restaurants are really struggling financially and could do with some pre-paid meals on your behalf. You are going to spend the money at that restaurant anyways, so why not do it now? You can have solidarity with restaurant owners and know that you will be supporting them throughout the shutdown period.

Who started this initiative and why?
#AidonsNosRestaurants is a campaign launched by LaFourchette and Tripadvisor to support the restaurant industry during the COVID-19 crisis. 

How can I prepay for a meal at one of my favorite restaurants?
You can "buy a prepaid voucher" on the restaurant page, and choose an amount between Fr. 10.- and Fr. 250.-; all gestures count — from the smallest to the largest.

Is the payment secure?
LaFourchette and Tripadvisor have chosen Stripe, a payment system recognized for supporting secure transactions.


Can I make a donation to #AidonsNosRestaurants?
No, you cannot just donate. If you would like to contribute, then purchase prepaid vouchers for your favorite neighborhood restaurants via the website.

What happens if the restaurant from which I bought a prepaid voucher closes?
With the uncertainty associated with COVID-19, some restaurants will not be able to reopen. All restaurants need support now, but #AidonsNosRestaurants cannot guarantee that restaurants will reopen or that they will be able to redeem the prepaid voucher if they are forced to close permanently.

How can we share this initiative?
The restaurant industry is facing an unprecedented situation. It is up to us to come together as a community to provide support for restaurateurs, producers, farmers, hard-working delivery drivers and all the people who make this industry work. "Helping Our Restaurants" will make a difference if a significant number of people get involved. Share this initiative around you.

How it works

  • Buy a prepaid voucher today.
  • You can select any amount from Fr. 10.- and Fr. 250.-, and you will receive your prepaid voucher by email.
  • The restaurant receives the funds.
  • The restaurant can ensure the payment of its expenses until it reopens.
  • You enjoy your meal a little later.
  • When the restaurant reopens, you can enjoy a good meal with your loved ones!


You can activate the "Bon Prépayé" feature directly in LaFourchette Manager. Once registered, users can buy prepaid vouchers and use them when restaurants reopen. This allows the restaurants to earn revenue now and help get through the imposed closure period. You choose the restaurant you like... and even those that are not part of TheFork are listed!

Share the #AidonsNosRestaurants campaign through social media.