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As Geneva's wine-tasting annual event "Caves Ouvertes" cannot take place this year due to COVID-19, the organizers have arranged a new concept the Caves Ouvertes à la Maison! You will still be able to enjoy wine-tasting among your friends, but in your own home or office. The fun will be back next year where wineries open their doors and prepare all sorts of fun events for the whole family.

The way it is set up is more convivial with a smaller group at home. You will find that every vineyard in the area have organized a "tasting pack" consisting of 6 bottles.

Here's how it works:
1. Choose your "tasting" card in a participating winery. See list below. Choose one producer from the list on the website. Ask your neighbours and friends if they would like to order a pack. Receive the wine and have a wine-tasting at home with your friends and neighbors (respecting the imposed social distancing measures).
2. Share info on this order with your entourage and/or your neighborhood in order to centralize all orders. 
3. You contact the winery and place the bulk order for the "tasting" boxes (minimum 2 boxes).
4. You collect the forms from your friends and/or neighbors.
5. The cellar delivers all the boxes to you. You pay the total invoice and you take care of the distribution of the boxes to your entourage and/or neighborhood. 
6. Send your photos of your event by Messenger on the Genève Terroir Facebook page. They will include them on this page. Attach your address and you will receive small gifts (sommelier corkscrews, card games, etc.).

Here is a form that you can use for ordering.


The participating wineries in the Caves Ouvertes à la Maison 2020:

More information in French can be found on the Genève Terroir website at this link. Most boxes of 6 bottles cost between Fr. 69- and Fr. 80.- to give you an idea of what to expect. You will often find a mix of red, white, and rosé wines. The concept is easy and will help our vineyards through this rough period.


Example: La Cave de Sézenove Bernard Bosseau in Bernex



Genève Terroir




The wine producers in canton Geneva spent a long time during the coronavirus shutdown thinking about how best to manage wine tasting given the new health and safety conditions. While the majority of Geneva wineries are already opening their doors to visitors Saturday mornings, several of them are now staying open all day Saturday to be able to spread visitors out and welcome smaller groups.

Cellars are busy showing off the new vintage which is remarkable for its elegance and class – and with very good potential to age well. A final word: please take a look at this overview of all the cellars in the canton, some of which may be visited only by appointment.

Ideally, it’s always best to let a winery know you plan to visit. This is especially true for groups.