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Impact Hub Geneva

Happy New Year from Know-it-all passport® and knowitall.ch! In the spirit of giving, we have decided to gift you an excerpt from the latest Know-it-all passport®'s 11th edition (from pages 515-516).

With the trend on co-working spaces, we thought you might like to know more. We put together this list for the book and will be adding to it over the year in anticipation for the next edition in 18 months!

Co-working spaces are very economical, practical, and flexible. Not only will you be able to stay independant, but you will be surrounded by like-minded people who can become your "colleagues" without actually working together. This type of environment is rich with start-ups, full of creativity, solutions and support. Often these spaces have a common eating/coffee area where you can network with others. Private meeting rooms allow you to host clients in a professional environment as well. Typically, those that work from home but need stimulation or have become isolated, will enjoy co-working spaces. Or it may appeal to those that simply don't have the space to work from home or need the discipline that comes more natural when others are working nearby.

Here are those that are taken from the latest book:

Calliopee Business Center
10, rue de Chantepoulet
1201 Genève
022 310 33 71
078 626 24 33
Flexible office/desk rental by the hour or month in a private or shared space. Other services provided are coaching, CV enhancement, and business development.

Atelier 9
9, Vieux-Marché
1260 Nyon
Choose the type of subscription you need. Price: Fr. 490.-/month includes a reserved desk in the open space area, meeting room up to 4 hours/month, 50 print-outs, and a personal storage locker. Other options available for those that need a part-time space. Visit weekdays 8h15-12h and 13h30-17h. Note: Domicilation (address) possible for Fr 90.-/month.

Impact Hub Geneva
1, rue Fendt
1201 Genève
079 742 15 84
Created in 2015, Impact Hub Geneva provides a space where entrepreneurs and innovators come together to prototype new models for a society that works for all; connecting sectors, industries, and cultural backgrounds. They offer access to a working space, a learning community, startup incubation programs, events, workshops, and courses.
With 200 members in Geneva and over 10,000 members worldwide, the organization provides a trusted community of like-minded peers, partners, and supporters to exchange thoughts and collaborate on projects. Open weekdays 9h-18h.
Note: Other locations at this time are Bern and Zurich.

Regus Business Centers Switzerland
14, rue du Rhône
1204 Genève
022 533 21 42
Regus is the world’s leading global provider of innovative workspace solutions and offers fully-equipped offices, co-working spaces, professional meeting rooms, and business lounges. Regus manages business centers all over Switzerland including Cornavin, Versoix, and Nyon.


Seedspace (photo above)
La Praille
47b, rte des Jeunes
1227 Carouge
079 214 73 75
For just Fr. 280.-, you can buy a 10-day pass, which gives you the chance to explore the space and get a feel for what works best for you. Shared desks cost just Fr. 380.-/month, but you can have your own private desk for just Fr. 430.-. Both options give you access to the thriving community space that makes Seedspace what it is.
Private offices for 4 to 10 people are also available from Fr. 430.-/month, but if you need a base that covers everything from your own bedroom to your own desk, then you will need to pay Fr. 1,400.-/month.

Soft Space
2, rue des Cordiers
1207 Genève
022 566 50 58
Softweb is a resource center for social innovation. Do you have a project you have been working on but don’t know how to take it to the next level? Interacting with the folks here will help solidify you actions.
Expert services to enable new and innovative project creation for society. Rent a closed office for Fr. 800.-/month or mobile desk space starting at Fr. 200.-/month. Note: They offer activities on Wednesday afternoons and after school for those with children!

The Village Coworking
Ch. de Malley 30
1007 Lausanne
079 292 23 62
The first baby-friendly coworking in Lausanne.
Reinvent the way you balance work and family life.
The Village is more than a co-working space. Their goal is to take work/family balance to the next level, and create an environment where parents do not feel obliged to choose between their career and their children. Their motto: Together we can balance work and family: because it takes a village to raise a child!
On-site creche with a bilingual French/English professional carer. A maximum of 8 children age 0-4 are entertained in a 55m2 area. Note: Kitchen facilities and a separate nap area.

022 735 24 24
Access for co-working members is 24h/7. Visits and non-members welcome weekdays 9h-18h.

    8, rue des Voisins
    1205 Genève
    4, Place de Grenus 4
    1201 Genève
  • 105
    105a, rte des Jeunes 
    1227 Carouge

If you want to get your hands on a copy of our 11th edition, with over 750 pages, 50+ chapters, and completely updated in 2018, then please click on this page for the closest outlet to you (or online orders). The book lists free-of-charge recommendations sent in by readers like you exclusively since 1999. Thank you for your support in purchasing a copy to keep it going!