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With over 50,000 visitors per year, the Théâtre de Carouge is well known amongst the Geneva community for the quality and originality of its productions.  When the theater troupe produced its first performance of La Nuit des Rois at La Salle du Cardinal-Mermillod in 1958, it very soon gained a loyal following of theater-lovers, keen to see its productions of both modern and classic works from playwrights such as Shakespeare, Goldoni, Tchékhov, Gorki, Brecht, Beckett, and Frisch, as well as local writers such as Louis Gaulis, Walter Weideli, and José Herrera Petere.

Although most of its performances are produced in French, the theater is keen to appeal to the wider English-speaking community as well. With this in mind, they now offer 2 or 3 plays each year, at which they feature English surtitles.  And the feedback has been extremely positive! Indeed one member of the audience, who went to see a recent production of Shake, directed by Dan Jemmet, had such a glowing recommendation for the theater, that we have reproduced it in full here:

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Knowitall.ch has been offered 5 double tickets to celebrate the launch of the new Jokenation International Gala, taking place in English at the Montreux Comedy Festival on 4 December, 2015.

To give yourself a chance of winning tickets for this inaugural event, one of the few English-speaking events at the Montreux Comedy Festival, just read on down to find out more about Jokenation and answer the simple question at the end of this article.

After two editions of the Comedy Contest in English, and four in French, the quest for comedy talents initiated by Montreux Comedy has now taken a new step forward and become even more international. For the 2015 edition, Jokenation has been launched in ten regions, five of which are English-speaking (United Kingdom, United States of America, Continental Europe and Russia, Pacific Asia and Middle East, South Africa) and five French-speaking (France, Belgium, Switzerland and Continental Europe, Canada, Africa).


Enter our competition to win one of 10 double tickets for a special performance of the show at the ARENA on 7 November, 2015.

On Saturday, 7 November, 2015, “The Swiss Voice, Switzerland’s Greatest Voices” will take place at the ARENA in Geneva.

This live event will unite five of the most talented artists who were discovered during the popular TV series, “The Voice”, which has been aired on channel TF1 in France and SRF/RTS in Switzerland.

”The Voice” is a singing competition created for television. The five artists who have captured the admiration of TV viewers in both France and Switzerland are: Azania Noah, Stacey King, Paul Silve, Angie Ott, and Mathieu Blanchette. You can listen to extracts of their songs here (n.b. some links don't work in France).

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Enter our competition to win a double ticket for the opening performance!

Following in the great tradition of British pantomimes, the Geneva Amateur Operatic Society (GAOS) will once again present its own special take on a popular story, this year recounting the tale of Rumpelstiltskin.

Incorporating all the traditional pantomime elements, terrific songs and one bad pun after another, this year's performance of Rumpelstiltskin has been written by GAOS member, Tim Perrin. As one of the most popular shows in the GAOS calendar, the pantomime is certain to draw the crowds, so you are advised to book early to avoid disappointment. The shows will take place at the Théatre de Marens in Nyon, over 5 days: 14 and 15 November, and 4, 5, and 6 December 2015.

So what is the tale about? This specially adapted version of the story opens in the impoverished village of Pair-o’-Dice, where King Avarus is looking for a local lass as a bride for his feckless son, Prince Henry. Dame Sloe, boasts to the King that her daughter, Prunella, can spin straw into gold. That evening, the King locks Prunella in a tower with six cartloads of straw and a spinning wheel. Prunella despairs, but a mysterious man appears and rapidly spins the straw into gold. The third time he helps Prunella, the man demands an unusual reward.

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Fans of the bizarre and beloved Addams Family have reason to celebrate this August!

The GAOS Youth Group has announced that it will perform a new musical comedy version of The Addams Family on 28 -30 August 2015 at the Casino Theatre in Geneva.

Combining the twisted, macabre and just plain weird with charm, wit and enchantment, the new show will be performed by the GAOS Youth Group as a send-up of the traditional horror-story genre - the perfect show for kids!

Originally created by American cartoonist Charles Addams in 1938, the Addams characters have appeared in numerous live and animated television shows, films, video games, and more recently their own musical show, which opened on Broadway in 2010.

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Enjoy a convivial dinner with friends at a special performance of "A Little Night Music", on show at the Salle des Fêtes in Founex, between 11 and 13 June 2015.

Directed by Deborah and Luke Vorhies, the performance is brought to you by the Geneva Amateur Operatic Society and features a number of talented local singers, many of whom you will have seen in previous GAOS shows.

With its first word, “Remember?”, A Little Night Music will take you into an era of sparkling wit, elegance and enchantment. Based on Ingmar Bergman’s film, “Smiles of a Summer Night”, this charming comedy features the music and lyrics of Stephen Sondheim, including his haunting melody, “Send in the Clowns”.