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If you're new to the region and are looking to make a few new friends, the Le Café Vivant maybe what you're looking for! 

Le Café Vivant is a bilingual, professional organization set up to help newcomers, expat employees and their spouse partners integrate socially and culturally within French Switzerland.  The prinicipal aim of the organization is to promote communication and understanding between local and international societies, with the emphasis being on fun and humor.

A range of informative activities are offered to help newcomers learn about Switzerland and its people.  The Fun French Language Programs©, which include Play Français, Sing Français, Cook Français and Dance Français, provide an immediate immersion into local language and culture by stimulating all your senses through action, movement, fun, and lively experiences.  Various "Link & Network" events are also organized throughout the year to help newcomers make contact with locals.

For further information visit the website www.lecafevivant.ch