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momsinvaud2by Michelle, Owner/Moderator 

Summer is upon us and the time of year when many of us begin the (long) trek home to visit family and friends.  A question/comment that often comes up between parents is “Do you have advice for a long flight (...long car-ride, ...long journey)?”

I’ve now been a travelling parent for four years (and my son has probably travelled more in his four years than I had by the time I was 25, even coming from a travelling family!), so I’ve heard a lot of different ideas of things to try and have tried some things myself, so I figured it was time I wrote about “flying with kids”.


Then read this article carefully to avoid unexpected delays and disappointment.


If you are traveling abroad alone with your children, then you will need to get a letter of permission from the parent not traveling with you. This letter states that the mother/father accompanying the child(ren) has the consent of the other parent.


Even if the children and yourself have the same country passports, you should carry this letter, just to be on the safe side. It is not required by law but is recommended so that you are not delayed, or worse, not allowed to enter the country you are visiting. This is especially true for all entries into the US as they have become very tight recently with their security. 


Julia Thorson recounts a story that she described as a “tragicomedy”:

house280With Winter behind us, now is the time to start thinking about treating you and your family to a well-deserved break in the sun!

If you have young kids and you don't fancy travelling too far, then you might like to take a look at what Country Kids is offering families this year. Situated just a few hours' drive away on a beautiful country estate amongst the vineyards and olive groves of Southern France, Country Kids has created what they call a “Paradise for Kids” and “Heaven for Parents”.  Given that 70% of their guests rebook, it seems they can’t be far wrong!

According to one former guest, Sian Williams, Country Kids holidays should come with a warning: “You May Find It Hard to Return to Your Former Life!”

ballplay280Country Kids’ recipe for total family rejuvenation includes luxury, five-star accommodation, a mix of on and off site activities for adults and older kids, unlimited use of their fully regulated crèche (open 6 days a week for children aged from 3 months), two nights babysitting, daily cleaning, and catering to cover every eventuality.

Here’s an idea for your holiday in April or May if you have small children. Country Kids’ Holidays, based in Brenas, France, provide an incredible holiday package for families, which includes luxury accommodation, heated main and toddler pools, a regulated crèche, babysitting, activities, yoga, wine-tasting, catering, and daily petting farm visits. They have been recognized as one of the top 4 European resorts for families with kids under 5 and they are just a 5-hour drive from Geneva.