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Since it first started running soccer courses in Geneva in 2005, InterSoccer has become one of the most popular household names among expats living in Switzerland.

Literally thousands of boys and girls, aged from 3 to 13 years old, have benefited from their wide range of recreational and competitive football courses and camps, which run throughout the holidays as well as during the school term. All children, no matter what their skill level, are welcome at InterSoccer.

This summer, InterSoccer has organized Mini Camps for 3-5 year-olds,  Junior camps for 5-9 year-olds, and Academy level camps for 10-13 year-olds. There are also special camps devoted entirely to goalkeepers, as well as ones targeted just at girls.


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Have you ever looked out onto Lake Geneva and wondered how much it resembles the open sea? When the wind gets up, particularly in the afternoon, it is often possible to see small waves breaking the surface of the water. While they may not be as big as the huge breakers hitting the coast of California, it is still possible to have lots of fun surfing these waves, and get fit at the same time!

In 2013, the Montreux SUP’n Surf club was created to develop a new sport in the region called Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), a form of surfing that comes from Hawaii and which can be practiced in many different forms: on lakes, rivers and oceans.  It is practised standing on a long board, using a paddle to help you move and glide along the water.

Founder, Enzo Porcelli, explained more about it to knowitall.ch,”SUP is very easy to start with and is lots of fun for all ability levels. However, it is also an all-round sport and has many different facets, including paddling and racing techniques, as well as numerous security rules. Whether your aim is to cruise leisurely around the lake, paddle for a couple of kilometers or pick up some wind waves, SUP will meet all of your expectations!”

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A local team of American footballers is planning to go national by entering the Swiss National American Football League (SAFV) at the end of this month.

Founded in 2005 by by a small group of enthusiasts, La Côte Centurions has won numerous medals in regional tournaments over the years, including gold for the Junior squad and multiple bronze medals for the Senior team. Having experienced success at the regional level, It is now ready to step up to the challenge of the national league!

Club President, Gleb Iatsenia, told knowitall.ch, “When we first established the team 9 years ago, we knew little about the sport and had no experience in the art of team-building. In the first year it was a rag-tag band of veterans, amateurs, and a handful of players from other teams who came to give us a hand. Coaches came out of the woodwork, a junior team was formed, and the results started to come.”


To encourage more clients to try out its new fitness center in Mies, CrossFit Terre Sainte has created a special five-class strength and conditioning program for knowitall.ch readers.

Priced at just Fr. 110.-, the package represents a savings of Fr. 25.- on the standard retail price, and has been developed specially for knowitall.ch readers keen to try out a new technique for improving their fitness level.

CrossFit Terre Saint is an official affiliate of CrossFit, which first launched in California 12 years ago.  Describing the program to knowitall.ch, co-owner Gretchen Reeves, told us, “CrossFit is a broad and inclusive general strength and conditioning program that focuses on constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. The workouts are taught in a sociable class setting, change every day and are scaled for each individual's ability and intensity. So whatever the focus for the day, whether cardio and strength, coordination and agility, gymnastics skills and weight lifting, or flexibility and power, our classes always have a personal feel to them.”


Republished with permission from InterSoccer


Fancy going to watch your local professional football team? All children up to the age of 16 are FREE. And it's reduced prices for adults.


The Professional Football Club Genève Servette have linked up with InterSoccer to offer these fabulously special ticket prices.


  • Who's playing? Genève Servette vs. Young Boys
  • When and where? Saturday 18 May at Stade de Genève
  • What time? Kick-off is at 19h45
  • How much? Adults are Fr. 10.- (normally Fr. 50.-). Children up to 16 are FREE


Book your tickets by clicking HERE for the Servette FC website.


And don't just turn up for the football. There is plenty of entertainment outside the stadium from 17h30. There will be an InterSoccer Corner with giant babyfoot for children. And if you fancy a nibble, there will be loads of food in the Village area.


There are also places up for grabs for kids to be a Player Escort for the match.


It's a cracking competition where you could end up walking out of the tunnel with a professional player. 

Who can apply? Player Escorts are aged 7-12, Boys AND Girls. 


To register, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


All applicants need to be available from 1730 on the Saturday evening until kick-off. The lucky winners who become Player Escorts will also receive a FREE InterSoccer kit!


InterSoccer & Genève Servette are also on the look-out for a company to help with sponsoring the 22 Player Escort Soccer shirts. The game is being televised on Teleclub. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if interested.


So remember, reserve your place & book your tickets by clicking HERE on the Servette FC website.