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Friday 22 September 2023




La nuit est belle! returns on Friday, September 22, 2023, with a new edition focusing on the health and safety of users.

After a first edition focused on astronomy and celestial observation, a second on nocturnal biodiversity and a third on energy savings, this 4th operation will address the theme of "Humans at night", placing the health and safety of users at the heart of the exchanges. To mark the occasion, over 180 communes in Greater Geneva will not be switching on their public lighting on September 22.

Illustrated by the imaginary constellation "Humanity", this theme of the 4th edition will address how lighting influences our bodies and our uses, and how to combine night-time switching off with safety.

Too much intrusive lighting around our homes disrupts our biological rhythm and can lead to sleep disorders. On the other hand, switching off street lighting raises questions about user safety, as more and more municipalities are switching off street lighting on a daily basis: how can you see and be seen when you're a cyclist, pedestrian, person with reduced mobility or visually impaired?